How many days do you spend without reading? Leaving the office drab aside, do you find time daily to read a book? Do you read your fiction interest every day? Can you borrow some minutes from your usually busy day and sit down with your favourite author’s work to relax your mind? Well, we know that’s tough today! To make things easy, The Book Blog has made a plan. We at The Book Blog read a lot to make sure that we review almost each of the new books as well as the classics to give you a bit of everything so that you don’t waste your time choosing the books and spend your sweet little time reading them…

We review short stories, poetry, novels, and non-fiction (which has no limits). At The Book Blog, our book reviewers and critics read sufficiently to cover books from various genres and themes, and it should suffice the interest areas of our audience. The Book Blog is a platform for books by established authors and promising new authors. Today, you might find a review of Chetan Bhagat’s book on TBB and tomorrow you will see something about the book by a boy from some village in UP! We leave no stone unturned in bringing the best read to your table. We understand that Indian readers, and globally too, are often busy finding something ‘good’ to read in valuable leisure.

You can enjoy the TBB blog daily; we update it with the latest reviews as we read new books. TBB operates from a spacious personal library with more than 2,000 titles and is increasing daily. The authors who want us to review their books can contact us for the same. We love reading new books and always welcome writers who wish to send their titles to our team for review. We hope the readers will enjoy The Book Blog!



We write about the books we read and we read all the books.

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