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How many are the days that you spend without reading? Leaving the office drab aside, do you find some time every day to read a book? Do you read your fiction interest every day? Can you borrow some minutes from your usually busy day and sit down with your favourite author’s work to relax your mind? Well, we know that’s tough today! To make things easy, The Book Blog has made a plan. We at The Book Blog read a lot to make sure that we review almost each of the new books as well as the classics to give you ‘a bit of everything’ so that you don’t waste your time choosing the books and spend your sweet little time in reading…

We review short stories, poetry, novels, and non-fiction (which has no limits). We read so much so that we easily come up with the wide reader interest that our readers might have. The Book Blog is a platform for the books by established authors as well as promising new authors. Today, you might find a review of Chetan Bhagat’s book on TBB and tomorrow you will see something about the book by a boy from some village in UP! We leave no stone unturned in bringing the best possible read to your table which often is busy finding something ‘good’ to read in the valuable leisure.

You can enjoy the TBB blog every day; we update it with the latest reviews as we read new books. TBB operates from a spacious personal library which has more than 2,000 titles and the number is increasing daily. The authors who want us to review their books can contact us for the same. We love reading news books and always welcome writers who wish to send across their titles to our team for the review. We hope the readers will enjoy The Book Blog!

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I also slept with Rashmi Verma – Review


Indian English fiction, in recent years, has never been bereaved of erotic fiction. Be it the mainstream version of it or be it the implicit version of it, erotic fiction has been in the market – in this or that form. Recently, an author has published a book with a very expressive and maybe explicit title – I also slept with Rashmi Verma. The readers who have read it have expressed...

Why do we celebrate Holi: Holi Festival by Anitha Rathod – Review


I have been reading a few books recently. A few of them were certainly the regular ones you get to read these days – the romantic fiction. However, a few books, luckily, were deliberately picked up from different genres and that saved my reading hours with delight as well as a new experience. Do we ignore something when we become readers? Yes, we all ignore what we did in childhood; do you...

Done with Her – Chirasree Bose – Review


Quick Tour – “It’s like slipping into a den of secrets without knowing a hoot of it. As a reader, Chirasree Bose takes you into the room of half-slept thoughts until you are finally Done with Her!” Chirasree Bose’s debut novel, a crime mystery and a dark romance as she describes her work, Done With Her, is, in fact, a novella having very few pages. However, the novel...

Janardhan Talbot Vol I – Review


Let me be brief in the beginning. Janardhan Talbot by Mohan Timmaraju is a novel that wonderfully takes the readers back to the 19th century when the British were trying to take over Indian states one by one. It is sharp, strongly narrated and written with full conviction. The novelist, in his 80s, did not leave any room for the readers to feel bored. It is engaging; it is fast; it is meant to be...

Greed, Lust, Addiction by Ravi Dabral – Review


The novel Greed, Lust, Addiction by Ravi Dabral is a fiction package that delivers things in a proper proportion to the readers without getting them bored or letting them feel a situation of unbalanced circumstances. The characters are more or less realistic. Vijay drives the story far enough and that’s why the introduction of Suraj in a new form becomes easy for the novelist. The theme is...

Mumtaz and Taj Mahal – Review


Author Pravin Anand’s book, his third one, Mumtaz and Taj Mahal is a title that’s self-explanatory and we can expect bits of history or a complete historical package. However, perhaps the author knew how to keep his readers guessing and in between, how to deliver a stunning novel with historical facts to a certain extent and degree that it does not become colourless. This skill of...

Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxminarayanan – Review


Suraj Laxminarayanan’s latest (and the debut as well) novel, Elephants in the Room, has left me stunned, puzzled as well as satisfied. I have finished the novel yesterday and I am truly fascinated by the imagination and subtle thinking that the novelist has weighed in in his very first novel. It covers the events of merely four days; however, the details that have been in the focus in his...

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Review


Lal Bhatia’s recently launched autobiography, Indicting Goliath, has set the stage for a debate. Is the USA really as sophisticated as it advertises itself? And, on the humanitarian grounds, should we trust people so early? Lal Bhatia erred in making friends with a crony capitalist in the US – Mr Wig, and he had to suffer the consequences of it. Indicting Goliath, to me, seemed like a...

A Thousand Seeds of Joy – Review


So, I was just wondering how could a common wife of five men, the Pandavas, Draupadi be considered one of the Panchkanyas that spiritually and religiously connected people know. I was always having the curiosity to know further and then I got to know it from Goddess herself – Lakshmi Ji. Well, the question must come. Where did I get to know it from the Goddess and when? How? Why? A Thousand...

A Dowryless Wedding – Review


Book – A Dowryless Wedding Author – Merlin Franco Published by – Authors Upfront Year Published – 2018 Page Count – 225 Interested readers might be – Young readers, teenagers, readers who like light and humorous satire “Come Chetta, let’s talk.” And in actuality, this is the only thing that doesn’t happen in this novel in a way it should...

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