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IPL is at its peak! In India, who doesn’t love cricket? Cricket is more than just a game. Elders love it. Kids love it. Men like it. Women take an interest in it. Cricket is a craze in India. I hope readers who love cricket will surely like to read something by their favourite cricketers—biographies, autobiographies, experiences, career recaps, and much more. Who won’t like reading about Sachin Tendulkar’s experiences during the 2003 World Cup? Who might want to miss Rahul Dravid’s insights about his career and the team India? Will any reader like to skip Dada, Saurav Ganguly’s experiences leading the men in blue? 


First, here is a list of the best books by Indian cricket legends that you must read! 


  1. Playing It My Way by Sachin Tendulkar – An autobiography by one of the greatest batsmen in cricket history, this book offers a unique insight into Tendulkar’s life and career, from his early days as a child prodigy to his status as a cricketing legend.
  2. Timeless Steel: My Autobiography by Rahul Dravid – A candid and insightful memoir by one of India’s most respected cricketers, known for his technical prowess and mental fortitude. The book provides a detailed look at Dravid’s approach to the game and his experiences on and off the field.
  3. The Winning Sixer: Leadership Lessons to Master Cricket and Business by Anil Kumble – A book that combines Kumble’s experiences as a cricketer and a business leader, offering leadership lessons and insights that can be applied in cricket and corporate settings.
  4. The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back by Yuvraj Singh – A moving autobiography that chronicles Singh’s battle with cancer and his journey in cricket, including his pivotal role in India’s 2011 World Cup victory.
  5. A Century Is Not Enough: My Roller-Coaster Ride to Success by Sourav Ganguly – An autobiography by the former Indian captain, known for his aggressive leadership style and role in transforming Indian cricket. The book provides a candid look at Ganguly’s life and career, including the controversies and challenges he faced.


These were some of the must-read books on Indian cricketers, interestingly by Indian cricketers themselves. If you love cricket, you may find books by foreign cricketers attractive. I have compiled a list of 20 notable cricket biographies and autobiographies and a brief introduction for each. This list is a mix of classics and contemporary works that offer a comprehensive look into the lives and careers of some of cricket’s most celebrated foreign players and personalities. I have also included a magazine on the list. I am sure you will find the list interesting and enjoyable. 


  1. Ponting: At Close of Play by Ricky Ponting – An honest and insightful autobiography that details Ponting’s journey from his early days in Tasmania to becoming one of the most successful captains in cricket history. The book also delves into the controversies and challenges he faced.
  2. Fred: Portrait of a Fast Bowler by John Arlott is a biography of the legendary English fast bowler Fred Trueman. This book is praised for its detailed and honest portrayal of Trueman as a cricketer and person.
  3. Cricketing Lives: A Characterful History from Pitch to Page by Richard Thomas – This book is a collection of character-driven stories about cricket and cricketers from the game’s earliest beginnings to the modern era.
  4. Life So Full of Promise by Ross McMullin – A biography that uses the backdrop of the First World War to tell the stories of some of Australia’s most promising cricketers who lost their lives in the conflict.
  5. Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack 2023 (Edited by Lawrence Booth) is the definitive retrospective of the 2022 cricket season, covering everything from scorecards and statistics to the sport’s social and cultural impact.
  6. Golden Boy: Kim Hughes and the Bad Old Days of Australian Cricket by Christian Ryan – A biography that focuses on Kim Hughes, a former Australian captain who is remembered for his emotional breakdown during a press conference.
  7. An Island’s Eleven: The Story of Sri Lankan Cricket – The definitive account of Sri Lanka’s rise to prominence in the sport, from its roots in British colonialism to its World Cup victory in 1996.
  8. The Art of Captaincy by Mike Brearley is a treatise on the complexities of cricket captaincy written by one of England’s most successful captains.
  9. Rhythm and Swing is Richard Hadlee’s autobiography. It offers insights into his meticulous approach to the game and includes a fascinating chapter on how he chooses a ball to bowl with.
  10. The Miracle Makers by Bharat Sundaresan—Love Rahane? This book highlights the personality and contributions of Ajinkya Rahane, one of India’s most respected cricketers.
  11. Australia 55 by Alan Ross is a classic account of the 1954-55 Ashes series, which England won under Len Hutton’s captaincy.
  12. The Cricket War by Gideon Haigh is for those who love to learn more about cricket and how this sport changed the world. It explores Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket revolution in Australia in the late 1970s.
  13. The Cricket Monthly is a digital magazine that publishes in-depth articles and features on cricket. It often delves into players’ personal stories and the sport’s broader social and cultural aspects.
  14. The Unquiet Ones: A History of Pakistan Cricket by Osman Samiuddin is a comprehensive history of Pakistani cricket, tracing its development from the partition of India in 1947 to the present day.
  15. Beyond a Boundary by C.L.R. James is a seminal work that combines cricket history, social commentary, and autobiography. It explores the game’s significance in the West Indies and its role in shaping Caribbean identity.
  16. Rain Men: The Madness of Cricket by Marcus Berkmann – A humorous and insightful look at the amateur game of cricket, filled with anecdotes and reflections on the sport’s enduring appeal.
  17. The Art of Cricket by Sir Donald Bradman—Bradman! The name tells more stories than many combined! It is a technical guide to cricket written by one of the greatest batsmen. It offers insights into the skills and strategies needed to excel at the sport.
  18. A Corner of a Foreign Field: The Indian History of a British Sport by Ramachandra Guha – A comprehensive history of cricket in India, exploring its role in shaping the country’s identity and relationship with the British Empire.
  19. The Cricketing Mind: A Collection of Writings on Cricket by Michael Atherton – A collection of essays on cricket by the former England captain, covering a range of topics from the psychology of batting to the future of the sport.
  20. The Game of Life: A Journey into the Heart of Sport by Ed Smith – A memoir by the former England cricketer and current commentator, which uses cricket as a lens to explore broader themes of success, failure, and the human condition.


These works offer a rich tapestry of cricketing stories, from individual players’ struggles and triumphs to the sport’s broader social and cultural impact.


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