Literary Occasions by V. S. Naipaul – Review

Literary Occasions by V. S. Naipaul is a collection of a few long essays and also appended to it is the Nobel Prize lecture that we also know as the Banquet Speech. This collection opens the door to many facets of the versatile personality of the great novelist that we know. An Indian by heart and a Trinidadian by birth, Naipaul always kept his heart before his mind and that is why we see in his novels, the greatest and

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Happy Independence Day

We all know INDEPENDENCE DAY is approaching. And why won’t we, suddenly all the shops are filled with different avatars of our respectable National Flag! Everywhere we can see.. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.. messages, videos, short films filled with patriotism which suddenly creep up like a weed from nowhere to everywhere asking us to share with the maximum. On Red lights, when we disheartened push on the brakes of our vehicles beating our heads and abusing the government for making us

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