The Obvious Truth That is Hidden by Chethana – Book Review

I am very fond of self-help books. They occupy a large chunk of space on my bookshelf. The Obvious Truth that is Hidden by Chethana is an addition to my collection. It is a small book, yet brimful with life-changing thoughts, ideas and events. But, before I tell you more about this book and how did I find this book, let me explain to you first why I love reading self-help and motivational books more. Whenever melancholy embraces me in its warmth and hopelessness puts its hand on my eyes and obscures my vision, I instantly take out a self-help book or buy a new one and lose myself in its inspiration and hopefulness. These books are non-toxic and free medicine that gives me immediate relief. And this was the reason I picked up The Obvious Truth that is Hidden by Chethana. It changed my mood and filled me with new hopes and freshness and clear roads that were blocked by despair, fear and anxiety.

This title is a testimony to Chethana’s struggles, resistance, the spirit to fight things back and a hopeful vision that things would change for good (in the coming days). And her personal experiences have been turned into ideas, suggestions and opinions that would help the readers to learn more about their lives and the lives of those around them. This is a self-help book that actually helps you out. It does not dictate; it suggests and guides and questions and answers.

There are many things revealed in the book with the help of relevant, ancient, old and contemporary examples. The marshmallow example, the Krishna-Yashoda example, and many more like these are there in the book that will help the readers understand why patience and faith in life are essential, impatient and hurried people often lose more than they weigh during the analysis. The author has been vivid, scientific, rational and also religious and spiritual during her treatment of ideas and scenarios in the book. The Obvious Truth That is Hidden by Chethana is a book that takes into consideration different arguments and offers the readers a perspective that they can reject or accept or continue thinking more about. The book does not, in any way, harass or chide the readers for their knowledge or temperament. It acts friendly all the way to the end.

The explanation of mantras is there. The importance of Hindu practices is there. The way with or without Mantras is also there. The author, as I have reiterated many times, is friendly in her approach. She shares her experience and thoughts. She suggests and does not force her opinions or ideas. You have to pick the best ones that suit you. Also, the author has been very kind to reveal her sources of information whether it’s Wikipedia or any book or any philosopher of the bygone era. You will find the original sources of Chethana’s information wherever applicable.

An interesting book with something or everything for those who want to embark on a journey to know the internal being. It is a short, random and spontaneous collection of ideas and thoughts. You can read it and learn more. You can read it in pieces and learn even more. Yes, there might be a few instances where you might want more order and a systematic approach. Otherwise, the book is nicely written and for the first-time writer, it’s nothing short of an achievement.

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Review by Nidhi for The Book Blog

Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy – Book Review

Books on investments are mostly read by those who have, at least, the basic knowledge of financial documents, a moderate idea of financial mathematics and some elementary knowledge in economics in general. However, can you imagine a book on investment that is for the readers who cannot meet any of the criteria above? Certainly not! Anyone will come up with a fact that no book on investment can be complete or meaningful without data, numbers, charts, financial statements and so on. However, negating all these orthodox and traditional ideas, Jayaram Rajaram has come up with his debut book, a book on investments in various assets classes, Just Invest and Become Insanely Rich. Going by the title, anyone will be wooed to get a copy and start reading instantly. For all such eager readers, here are my observations about the book that will help them make a better decision about the book.

“This book is for anyone who wishes to approach investment in a very simple, commonsensical, intuitive manner and go against what the herd or 99% of the people do.”

So, the idea is very clear. The book has all the basic plus expert opinions, ideas and instructions that beginners in the world of investment might be looking for, according to the author. However, in the line just after the above-quoted, the author has also notified that any person with an income of about 15 lac per year should be diving deep into the book and he or she will be benefitted from the pieces of advice and suggestions for using tools and ideas that the author has offered in his book. And it is a sensible thing as well. Jayaram Rajaram, the author, does not promise to make ‘anyone’ rich and he has fixed certain benchmarks so that nobody loses anything instead of gaining in the future. I applaud this candidness in the thoughts of the author and I hope many readers will do the same.

The book has 12 distinct chapters and 7 out of these 12 chapters are dedicated to stock market investment in close or remote relations. How to invest, when to invest, why invest rather than having cash in your bank and when to pull the plug out… the author has described everything in brief details. Moreover, Jayaram has also let the readers have a glimpse of the research and analysis tools that he uses, in the form of websites with certain features. You will find examples and screenshots as well and those are really helpful for the novice as well as moderate level investors who might have been using tools in different forms.

One thing that I could gather by reading those chapters on investment in the stock market is that the book is aimed at those investors who are looking to play the long and the patient game. Intraday trading and short term trading are almost subdued in direct terms by the author. So, those who are looking for something on those concepts might have to be disappointed.

The 5 remaining chapters are dedicated to concepts like real estate investment, debt investment, office and meeting space investment, agricultural land investment, and a few other investment classes that will yield profit for the investors according to the author. The calculations that Jayaram has offered as examples are attractive and make sense in the first hit. However, the feasibility and use of the tools and suggestions might need time (since they are about the long run). However, anyone can easily see whether the strategies are working or not within a few months of the initial investment.

In terms of a book critic, after having briefly summarised the concepts, I will say that this title is written for common readers, using common language and should be easily detectable because it does not use the typical financial lexicon that a few authors tend to use while writing such a book. So, are you ready to give your chances of becoming wealthy a chance? The book is waiting on Amazon to be picked up!

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Review by Rahul Anand for The Book Blog

A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Review

Neil David Chan’s book, A Higher Conversation, compels the readers to seriously think about the possibility of communicating with one’s soul. Neil, we can say, has tried to give a wonderful presentation of the idea of having a conversation with one’s own soul and he has done it in a wonderful manner. The whole book, A Higher Conversation, is about talking to one’s inner-self and learning about the things that we don’t know or might not know if we remain troubled by the external world so much. I enjoyed the book very much and I even tried to practice the art of talking to my soul… though it might take more time to fully realise this art and then master it. Nevertheless, here is my review of A Higher Conversation by Neil.

“So what you are saying is from a small ME, become a bigger ME, and then become a universal ME!”

Neil shares this thought with his soul. The conversation about possessions and the associated consequences that they might bring has been very interesting to me. And, the thoughts shared by Neil, questions asked or doubts extended have met wonderful answers, ideas and possible solutions that will make the world much better a place to live. The idea shared by Neil, for an instance, is quite an eye-opener if we see the world as one.

“From birth to death, you come across multiple characters in the form of parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, and strangers. What’s your strategy here?”

The enlightened being, Neil’s soul, details the process of detachment that is necessary in order to lead oneself through this period called life. Neil’s soul explains the process of a game where a skilled player doesn’t bother too much about the ongoing circumstances and just keeps his focus on the target – the next level. And the same can be found in Bhagavad Gita as well, we have to live our lives but not to be indulged in things that might confuse us or delude us. And Indian readers who have the knowledge of spiritual tenets will certainly appreciate Neil David Chan’s way of describing the necessary detachment here.

I found the book not only interesting but also enlightening and compelling in a way that it stresses the need for introspection, self-awareness and self-analysis – what are we doing with our lives? Neil has explored various issues and ideas with his own inner-self, the higher being or the soul as we say. While it might sound bewildering to many readers, the author has given some serious issues to think that we cannot imagine… and it certainly gives wind to the fire that Neil has tried to escalate – we can talk to our own soul. In India, the soul is considered to be a part of Parmeshwar or super soul. And we very much believe in the fact that body and soul are two different beings. The soul is universal and detached, the body is mortal. Neil emphasises the same. He reiterates, several times, that one should cater to the soul and not to the body or mind.

A Higher Conversation will be a wonderful read for many readers who believe in spiritual ideas. Neil’s work is practical and also viable. It does not block the readers’ vision with hard arguments that contain words that might negate someone’s ambition. Neil David Chan believes in something and he believes that others might also achieve the same… do read the book and you can find it for yourself.

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Review by Smriti for The Book Blog

Sachin Tendulkar on Pages: Playing it My Way – Review

Though Sachin does not need any introduction, his book does need a review. I have been a fan of Sachin Tendulkar all my life and will never be able to accept any other cricketer as my ideal. Sachin was the best batsman in the world and he continues to be so. He stands on a heap of records that will seldom be broken by any player in the near or distant future. His book, partly written by him and partly by Boria Mazumdar, Playing it My Way was published in the year 2014 and the book broke many records just after the publication… and, even before the publication. The craze for Sachin among his fans is unparalleled and we can see it on display on many occasions. His birthday, a day of importance in his career, his debut day or his last day on the cricket pitch.

Playing it My Way, though the fans hoped for more information outside the field, could not offer too much into the life of this master batsman. We only got to know how he first met Anjali, how did he woo her and how they got married. However, the book has plenty to rejoice as the title relives some of the most memorable moments of Tendulkar with a bat in his hand. Yes, one more thing, if you read the book carefully and reach the conclusion, you will find that many pages have been decorated with the records of Tendulkar – which, I think, might be unnecessary altogether as we all know his records, mostly by heart!

The book does justify some of the aspirations that we all had… it will help the readers who could not watch the memorable inning by Sachin. You can feel the events happening in front of your eyes. You can visualise them… However, I will reiterate that this is neither the biography nor the autobiography of this great batsman. More and more I read it, it seemed like a book written in haste to capture the momentum of events. Yes, Sachin later did come up with an autobiography and that might the piece of literature doing justice with the life events of Tendulkar.

Playing it My Way is more like a tribute to the great achievements of Tendulkar. It might be troublesome looking for all in one place on the internet and there the book will come to your rescue. However, if you are looking for the family man Sachin, husband Sachin, father Sachin… you might need to get a copy of the other one – Sachin’s Autobiography. All the best!


Review by The Book Blog Contributor

5 New & Old Non-fiction Books You Must Read on Truth, Spirituality & Search for God – A List

The title of this article is quite lucrative, isn’t it? Books you must read if you want to find God, truth or understand spirituality. Who doesn’t want at least one of these things mentioned above? Everybody is looking for truth and also God, in most of the cases. However, some people go on the path of the few by rejecting the whole world and choosing isolation while many others choose the path of the commons, living within the society and reading quality literature on various topics and trying their best to understand the whole concept of truth, God and spirituality, religion and other related aspects. Which is the best, I cannot say. However, if you are one of the latter kind of people, I do have a list of books that will surely be interesting for you. Here are 5 books that you must read if you are looking for spiritual insights, truth and God…


Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously by Osho: This book might be a little weird if you concentrate on the title only. However, once you start reading the book, you will realise that Osho has done quite a fabulous job by writing this piece. The joy that we get by living dangerously is the pleasure that we can extract from life by living without any obligation to our worries, concerns (the unnecessary ones) and burdens. The book is about unlearning and becoming a free person who tries to live in the present and realises the most actual practical truth. So, this book is all about the truth that we seek… the immediate truth… the practical truth. Are you ready to seek your truth?

Death; An Inside Story by Sadhguru: This is, perhaps, literally giving away the topic in the title itself. However, once you start reading the book and get deeper into the contents, you will realise that the book by Sadhguru, one of the few mystics who command massive respect, has much to offer on the subjects other than death – the life itself being prominent. This is a book which is meant to be read by the readers who think that death is bad or death has some wrong connotations or death should not be a part of life. Read this book to know more about many concepts around death and also realise the truth that death is.

The Concept of ‘God’ by Vinoth M: Vinoth’s book is a very practical book that takes the route of scientific inquiry into a matter which is charged rather emotionally. However, the author has created very interesting scenarios in his book with wonderful use of analogies, hypotheses and arguments. Vinoth M’s The Concept of ‘God’ is a book which should entice and entertain the readers who are interested in knowing ‘theories’ and ‘concepts’ of God rather than knowing the religious connotations or identity of God. This is a new book, not newer than Death by Sadhguru though, compared to other books on the list. You should give it a try.

Celebrating Love by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Well, what is the truth which comes immediately to your mind when you realise that you are a family person? It must be something around family, people nearby, father, mother, wife, husband, kids, brother, sister and so on… so, the matter of fact is that relationships are important in life. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s book, with a spiritually embedded watermark, discusses relationships in details and in a beautiful way so that the readers can understand it in a better way. This is an essential read if you are worried about the worldly affairs too much. You should get solace you may be seeking. 

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo: Who does not know Sri Aurobindo? Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy of mental and supermental human being, by the means of a spiritual awakening or spiritual evolution, has been mentioned in the book in details and it is also considered to be the most canonical work by the author which lays the foundation of Aurobindo’s philosophy. Published way back in 1919, the book is very popular among academicians and otherwise readers who are interested in philosophy, truth, spirituality, life and so one… are you one of those? You must read this book if yes is your answer.


So, dear readers, this was the list for the day and I am sure that you must like this if you are seeking truth in your life. You should read some or all or any of these books as per your convenience, the availability of the books and your leisure. If you are sitting home, you can read all of the books… 🙂 All the best! To buy these books, you can go to Amazon India website by clicking below and enjoy attractive offers as well. Stay safe and keep reading!

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List by a contributor to The Book Blog

Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – The Book Blog Review

Shawn Vij’s debut title Moral Fiber has done more than one could have expected from the first work by any new author to do. This might be because Shawn Vij is an established brand in the business industry. However, is that enough for a book to become a bestseller or do exceptionally good? Perhaps not! We have to accept, reluctantly or willingly, that the content of the book matters more than anything else in terms of book’s success and Moral Fiber has wonderfully been written with a theme which authors do not touch very frequently. Shawn has written about business ethics, one’s personality and one’s resolve not to compromise one’s soul for the business gains. Not many authors might have done this kind of writing…

Moral Fiber is inspired by the author’s own interests and beliefs in the Buddhist way of life, The Dalai Lama and explorations in the ancient Buddhist scriptures. Though it is certainly not right for anyone to claim that everyone should do what one has done and found okay, Shawn has not been forceful but certainly, he has (seemingly and apparently) emphasised more and more on Buddhist interpretations that he has discovered for himself and this gives the book a repetitive tone at times which could have been avoided. Otherwise, the book is based on his personal experiences as a successful business person who has been in this field for more than two decades. As long as Shawn details his personal experiences and tries to link his arguments with practical experiences, the book looks wonderfully well-placed.

Shawn begins with his own story of transformation with a meeting, which was more accidental or unintended or reluctant, with The Dalai Lama, a global thought leader in Buddhist philosophy. The meeting forced Shawn into considerable pondering over his life and achievements as a successful business leader so far. He mentions all these details in a comprehensive manner in this book that you may like reading. However, what’s important is Shawn’s candid submission and suggestion that one should save one’s soul along with the progress that comes in corporate life. He emphasises that in general business we often lose our personal self to gain something like the other who is into business – nothing is personal; it’s all business. Shawn emphasises that all is personal and we must not compromise on that. We should remain human beings that we natively are. So, as you may have guessed already, the book is about ethics that we must follow, according to the author, in our professional life.

Everything looks wonderfully conveyed unless we get distracted by the frequent Buddhist influence on the script of this title. Buddha’s original messages were subtle, simple and directly conveyed without much noise. That would have been a better way doing it here as well as we find the same messages, in a rather wider and more comprehensive and more subtle manner in ancient Hindu texts, considered to be the original sources of inspiration for Buddha as well. So, bringing religious connotations more than frequently might confuse the readers who are not so well-versed.

With a clear message and with some notes of over-enthusiasm, the book is a balanced production of thoughts and agenda that readers might find useful to a great extent. You can get a copy of the book and read it for yourself. All the best!

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Review by a Book Blog Reviewer