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Rafflesia the banished princess

All fairy tales on the book cover are not exactly the fairy tales that you find inside the book. The latest one is Rafflesia the banished princess. This is a book which rather focuses on the human side of life which is absolutely on our own prerogative that what we make out of it. Author Gautam conveys us the same message through his wonderful and almost allegorical novel which features the story of Appu and his friend Rahul… The reader

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The Hunger Games

THE HUNGER GAMES, that you must know by the movie, is originally a young adult romance written by Suzanne Collins. I read it despite my age group did not permit, as per the book’s ramifications. I could just not let it loose because it’s catching, thrilling and also featuring a love story which by all the means is engaging! Any of the adjectives might not be able to suffice the plot construction which keeps the readers engaged till the end.

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Sons and Lovers

It’d not be an exaggeration if I say that the author D. H. Lawrence was a psychologist too. Well, that might be a limited sphere scenario as our beloved Lawrence took most of his time to explore the sexual side of human psyche. That’s why we see what we see in his novels – distinguished characters, (un)usual themes, misguided explorations, unwilling journeys and a chaotic confusion at times. His novel Sons and Lovers is a strong display of ‘Oedipus Complex’.

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Not Without My Daughter

How does it feel like being in an Islamic Nation? How would you react if you happen to witness a Muslim husband physically abusing his wife in the public? Wait, before you make any hasty decision, Islamic Nations allow men to have full authority over their wife and daughter. (Betty Mahmoody’s Not Without My Daughter suggests the same) Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody is a 1987 novel which runs to 420 pages and has an entirely biographical surface.

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The Liberation of Sita

Women are conditioned for ages to belong to the world which includes their family members. They forget about themselves being individuals too. They don’t consider themselves worthy of the love which they give to others. This is, at least, the version of feminists. This time, I am looking into the book which re-tells the story of Ramayana, the great Hindu epic, through the alter ego – Sita. Much other than Sita, the book seems to speak the language of modern

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Fewer are the novels which actually take a hold of you and grip your readership till the end. One of those, I came across The Picture of Dorian Grey recently. This novel was written by Oscar Wilde and published in 1890. Too famous as well as notorious, The Picture of Dorian Gray remained the only novel by author Oscar Wilde! Thus, the novel’s fame kept on a constant surge. Even today, the Wilde’s creation is much appealing for the readers

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