Cross Connection by Preety Praveen – Review

Romance has become a regular genre in India and many authors tend to begin their writing journey with the same. However, only a few novels are able to offer entertainment, something beyond to be remembered by the readers and something really meaningful. One such novel that was published in 2019, towards the end, recently attracted my attention and I read it. Cross Connection, written by Preety Praveen, an author and a poet, is about, more or less, a campus love

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Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss – Review

It is very important to note that recent trends in Indian English fiction point in two major directions – mythology and romance. Mythology has become a safe playground for quick-earned success for many novelists and newbies are not afraid to try their hands. At the same time, romance has become a very safe route to easy debuts and quickly widening readership. However, do most of the authors succeed? Does the trick always work? I guess no and you can easily

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Mamta Kashyap brings An Unusual Honeymoon for the readers – a recommendation

When we are almost on the verge of seeing a horrible (almost) year off, it’s the time that we recollect some of the best gems that we read in these days of anxiety and offer the same to the readers who might enjoy. And doing so, we begin by offering our casual readers of Indian English fiction a light-humour penned by Mamta Kashyap, An Unusual Honeymoon. The novel has already been praised by the noted literary platforms in India and

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One Day in December | Book Review | Josie Silver

One Day in December is a novel that executes a love story in a very different way compared to the modern love stories that we often read in the novels by our contemporary authors in India and other countries. Though it is contemporary in all the ways you can expect it to be, it is a love story that does not only move swiftly to halts and stops but also keeps the readers engaged, indulged and intrigued. Here is my

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I also slept with Rashmi Verma – Review

Indian English fiction, in recent years, has never been bereaved of erotic fiction. Be it the mainstream version of it or be it the implicit version of it, erotic fiction has been in the market – in this or that form. Recently, an author has published a book with a very expressive and maybe explicit title – I also slept with Rashmi Verma. The readers who have read it have expressed mixed opinions about the book. And from those opinions,

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Little Maryam by Hamid Baig – review

Little Maryam has an exciting start (otherwise) which gives us a rather wrong impression of the personality of the central character, Dr Saadiq Haider. He behaves in a hurried and rough way with the lady, who is a journalist, Anne Miller. Even after she requests, the Nobel Prize winner doctor does not agree to talk to her even off the mic. However, his fear of flying compels Saadiq to agree on a deal offered by the lady journalist and open

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