The One Invisible Code – Sharat Sharma – Review

Self-help books have been evolving. The genre, as a whole, has also been constantly evolving for many years. Earlier, it used to be the successful author telling the readers why they are mediocre and why one has become successful. In short, harassing the readers because they are reading the book by a successful person. Later, gradually, it changed and anyone began sharing his or her ideas to become successful. Today, here we stand, self-help genre has penetrated not only our

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki – Review

Robert Kiyosaki has boomed to the heights of finance education around the world after the publication of his book Rich Dad Poor Dad – an imaginary account of two dads of him based on some personal experiences through which he tries to teach the readers basic and advanced skills of financial management that will offer them stability and wealth in the short and long run; the author thinks so. There have been many pro and anti voices in the support

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Ignited Minds

There are people like APJ Abdul Kalam who are truly a blessing for the nation. An out and out patriot, a scientist and our beloved former president of India, Kalam was no less an author than the bestsellers of today. His books always gained the praise and critical appreciation. Today, I will be talking about a book which ignited so many minds in the country – yes, Ignited Minds, published in 2002 and authored by Abdul Kalam. “A true patriot’s

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