Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki – Review

Robert Kiyosaki has boomed to the heights of finance education around the world after the publication of his book Rich Dad Poor Dad – an imaginary account of two dads of him based on some personal experiences through which he tries to teach the readers basic and advanced skills of financial management that will offer them stability and wealth in the short and long run; the author thinks so. There have been many pro and anti voices in the support of this acclaimed title as well as to oppose this bestselling book. However, only a personal reading of the book can bring the best version of one’s opinion about this widely sold and largely read book. So, here is my review of the book.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular and established author today. He is also a person who has become synonymous with financial education for youths and the ones who need it. However, there are the key factors in the book that has attracted several praises for him. At the same time, nevertheless, there are many critics, business leaders and investors who have turned their backs to the book and criticised Kiyosaki for his ignorance about financial knowledge and misleading content in the book that is ‘dangerous’ as well.

Reading the book is easy as the author has used very simple language in it. He did not take the classic and traditional root of becoming the person sitting on a high horse and sermonising others walking on the ground to do something extraordinary. Robert Kiyosaki has rather gone for a personalised conversation in this book that takes the course of semi-fiction loaded with some facts and some imagination to take the discourse ahead and make people understand how money plays the double-bluff in life – lack of it and having it, both are evils at the core – the author tells.

The author claims that ‘Money is one form of power’ and he may be right here. However, it also deludes the idea that we should refrain from being overambitious about power because power, eventually, corrupts people. The author has used stories, anecdotes from his memories, some real and some imaginary scenarios from his life to make the readers understand his point of views. Largely, he has been successful as a conveyor of ideas. However, how successful the ideas are is subject to debate and discuss at length. I find the book interesting but, most of the times, not very inspiring. It just leads you to a single thought that being educated is not enough unless you have an entrepreneurial mindset and a hard-working attitude.

Nevertheless, the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is worth reading. You can get a copy of this bestselling book from Amazon. The link to the book is below:

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review by Nishant Sinha for The Book Blog

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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  • Too fussy at times
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