The One Invisible Code – Sharat Sharma – Review

Self-help books have been evolving. The genre, as a whole, has also been constantly evolving for many years. Earlier, it used to be the successful author telling the readers why they are mediocre and why one has become successful. In short, harassing the readers because they are reading the book by a successful person. Later, gradually, it changed and anyone began sharing his or her ideas to become successful. Today, here we stand, self-help genre has penetrated not only our professional but also the personal life and we have many authors who tell us what to do, what not to do, how long to sleep and how long to work… it might be very difficult to pick the best book in the self-help or motivational genre for the purposes you want to read. And in this article, I will be reviewing a book by Sharat Sharma, The One Invisible Code, that has really helped me focus on my goals after realising them and also understanding myself – self-awareness.

The author, in this book, surprisingly, has focused more on the realisation of one’s abilities and weaknesses rather than focusing on himself, other successful persons or anything else. In short, at the centre of The One Invisible Code, the readers will find themselves and this is not only unique but also very courageous to do. In turn, for the readers, this becomes very helpful as they can understand the real problems, ideas, vision, goals and action plans that is subjectively theirs…

There are 10 chapters in the book and all of them are related to each other. You read the fist and you are prepared for the second, you read the second and you are pushed to third… so on and so forth. And therefore, I would also advise the readers to go through all these chapters in a consecutive manner. You have to read them all one by one, in the traditional order. The chapters are prepared in a very unique style. There is a code or rather a template that continues throughout the book. The ‘lesson’ breaks with a character Joy who starts discussing various ideas, confusions and issues with his master, a learned person it seems, who has all the answers. Joy, the character, seems to be an embodiment of the readers who are looking for answers to various questions related to their lives. After the story or the discussion, you will see many big-small sections with ideas, propelling thoughts, actions to take, tasks to solve. In short, the author wants you to understand the ideas and take actions.

I would also prefer this book because it is rather practical and viable. Compared to other books that might talk about things which are practically not possible, this one tells you to embrace the reality as it is and take appropriate actions to change things to the order you like. For example, many authors tell the readers simply to ignore negativity around you, ignore your weaknesses and move ahead with positive ideas only. However, it is not possible! On the other hand, Sharat Sharma, a motivational coach himself, tells the readers to embrace the reality, embrace their weaknesses and strengths, realise their actual position and then work hard, according to the plan, to change things around oneself… and this is what practically motivated persons do and suggest others to do.

And finally, The One Invisible Code, the book being discussed, is a book that is almost animated. It engages the readers on all possible fronts and inspires them to act, to think, to plan and to execute. The author is merely a coach that instigates… you will see the same once you begin reading the book yourself. There are images that relate to the topics being discussed, there are pictures that depict plans and vision, there are tables and columns, there are many other things that resemble action and inspire the same. There are also exercises, solutions, practical tasks… you will surely appreciate the author and this book once you read it! And I am not being an overt admirer in adding a 5/5 rating with this book! You will surely like it! Go ahead and get a copy now!

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Review by Mugdha for The Book Blog

The One Invisible Code – Sharat Sharma – Review
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It is a short, practical, realistic and happening guide to success… It tells you what you are, what you have, what you lack and how to bring about a change… I am rating it 5/5 and recommending it as a must read non-fiction self-help title!

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