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One Day in December is a novel that executes a love story in a very different way compared to the modern love stories that we often read in the novels by our contemporary authors in India and other countries. Though it is contemporary in all the ways you can expect it to be, it is a love story that does not only move swiftly to halts and stops but also keeps the readers engaged, indulged and intrigued. Here is my review of One Day in December by Josie Silver.

We believe it or not but destiny plays its games in life more often than we might expect it to do. Something unforgettable happens with us that we can never forget even after many attempts of doing so deliberately… and many would agree that love is a feeling that strikes us when we are expecting it the least. Falling in love at the very first sight is an experience that we often read, watch or listen. However, when it happens with someone, the experiences and feelings are more than simply being amazing.  Without any second opinion, it is the best feeling in the world a person can feel. I would like to write about a romantic novel ‘One Day in December’ by Josie Silver. It is a very compassionate love story that takes care of the nuances of pure love with certain fictional adventures that you may love. And this is the reason that many leading Indian book review sites, as well as global platforms, have praised the novel for its simplicity and intriguing tale of love.

Stroy and Plot:
This is not a casual love story which feeds upon online dating websites. Laurie, the leading female character often thinks that love at first sight can happen in the movie only, not in real life. But one day in December she saw a man, sitting at a bus window and something magical happened to her and she thought he is the man she was looking for. She tries to find her at every bus stop for a year but she could not. Because destiny needs something else. On a Christmas party, her friend Sarah introduced his boyfriend Jack to Laurie, the man Laurie was looking for a year.
With these things, the story goes on. They have to face ten years of friendship, heartbreaks, joy, sorrows and many more things. The love trilogy goes on and the story becomes more interesting and gripping as the chapters pass and pages keep turning. The novelist has added a fitting conclusion at the end which will make the journey through various ups and downs, for the readers, worthwhile.

Critical Analysis:
One Day in December is more than a simple love story. It is the journey of Sarah, Jack and Laurie and their love, friendship, feelings and unrequired circumstances. The story has been told from the perspectives of Laurie and Jack. The language is pretty simple and it can connect with the readers easily. The story never becomes monotonous and always provides excitement to the readers and most of you will certainly be interested in knowing what will happen next. And this is something that many Indian authors might want to adopt from the work by Josie Silver. However, the first-person narration can be boring for some readers. There is too much of talk only by the two major characters Laurie and jack.
What I found most interesting in the novel is simplicity and a sophisticated way of telling the story. Despite being a modern romance fiction, the book never talks about cheap romance. It touches the emotions of every reader whether you are romantic or not but it will be felt by your heart. This book is addictive; the more you read the more you want to finish it.

It is a really nice tale of three young people who have found themselves in a very special situation. It has little bit of everything: friendship, loss, grief, new beginnings, forgiveness, heartache, and love. For all those who want to read romantic novels, this is the tale they were waiting for. This is the novel that might let the readers know that there is a possibility of a novel being sophisticated, composed and more than thrill-pill when it comes to writing romance fiction. You can get a copy of this novel in Kindle format from Amazon India and read it right away:

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Review by Amit for The Book Blog

One Day in December | Book Review | Josie Silver
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Read the book review of One Day in December written by Josie Silver. This is a romantic novel featuring a love triangle that keeps the readers more than engaged.

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