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SHE by Dr Sarika Jain – Review


SHE is the debut work by author Dr Sarika Jain. I got to read and review this book the past week. And here I am sharing the review and my thoughts about this book which I won’t shy away from calling wonderful and a must-read outrightly!

The full title of the book is SHE: A message for those who belittle girls and the book cover shows something different – SHE stands for acronym – Stop Hurting Me Every Day. Both, the actual title as well as the acronym, hint at one common message – women and girls are the subjects of this book and their issues, problems they face and examples they set every day are the major highlights in the book’s content. If you guessed the same, you are right.

Sarika believes in making changes in the society’s attitude towards women will help eradicate many of the crimes and injustices that are committed against them. She has told the same in a conversation for the Author Interviews platform: read here.

18 Chapters in her book discuss various issues related to girls and women. She has drawn parallels and tried to compare side by side the situation of women in India and in other countries. She has also acknowledged the progress where it has been made and also denounced the conditions that need to be denounced. Her book is not an excuse for women who have not been successful. Neither is her book the gospel that tries to outshout all the men in the world inspired by some hatred for them. SHE is a book that is a balanced analysis based on the most corrected form of feminism in the spirit of virtue.

Her book has been appreciated by the readers as well as the critics alike. Many leading book review websites in India have rated the book very highly. When it has become a normal practice for the authors to portray women as the victims and bash all the men (those who should be and those who stand for women), Sarika Jain’s book brings the fresh ideas of morally right feminism that does not look to overlap or jump out men but actually looks for the actual equality and the rest will be done by the women themselves. And you can see this in the examples that she has offered in her chapters. So, the flow of ideas is brilliant – expose the problem, talk about inspiring examples and then offer a concluding idea that can turn the heads into thoughts of a better tomorrow. Moreover, a poem at the end of each of the chapters is also amazing. Those who like reading poetry will surely appreciate this experiment of showing more than one talent that you have…

I will suggest the readers across age group and across gender should read her book because Dr Sarika’s book is not meant for women and girls or a certain age group but for all who can read. You will know about the real problems on the ground and also the real inspiring stories from the ground. It will surely motivate you! Get a copy from Amazon:

Buy the ebook or paperback copy of Sarika’s book – click here

review by Surabhi Garg

SHE: A message for those who belittle girls
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A super flow of the powerful narrative… you cannot ignore this book!

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