The Spectacular Now

Tim Tharp is an experienced screen writer and a novelist, popular for ‘one-name-fame’ The Spectacular Now’. The novel was published in 2008 and also saw a film based upon it which fetched a little more attention than the book itself. The novel The Spectacular Now is focused on the youths, addiction and their silly romance. Very popular and a general read among the teenagers with literary taste, the book surely demands an attention and our review. For The Book Blog, Nidhi and Aditi have done it together.

The main character in the book is a high school guy, Sutter Keely, who is rather notorious for his habits and low marks in the school. The fact is, he is a person with no plans at all for the future! The guy also does not share a very healthy relationship with his mother and what is left out is completed by his even more complicated relationship with his beautiful girlfriend Cassidy. The frustration builds up in the life and Sutter Keely begins drinking a lot. Things change with time and all of a sudden, the Mr. Popular guy catches up with Aimee Finecky.

However, who can stop the tide and who can catch the wings of an angel and who can stop the second’s hand if the battery is in operation on the clock? Aimee, a rather shy and socially awkward girl is introduced to the world of party, drinking, addiction and all… Aimee somehow goes on with Sutter and likes the world she is introduced to. In between, however, Sutter completely ignores the problems he is facing!

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The book progresses slow but the plot is moving and you will find that the characters are somehow animated. They do not stop acting and all goes in motion. Sutter, Cassidy, Aimee, and everyone… With time, Sutter almost dumps Aimee and Cassidy moves to another place with her boyfriend. Sutter quits his job and gets even frustrated with his life but after an argument with his mother he realises that the real problem for Sutter is ‘himself’! He goes back to Aimee and things end happily.

The book is written in a first person narrative and the person from whom viewpoint the book is narrated is Sutter himself. He has made a mess of himself and you will get that feeling from the book while you read it. Other than that, you will also feel pity for Aimee and happy for her when the time comes.

The books should be finished in 2-3 days depending upon the speed and passion with which one reads the book. Overall, a good book for the young chaps and they should like it. Might also work as an eye opener for those who are not settled in their build!

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Review by Nidhi & Aditi


The Spectacular Now: Reviewed
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A good read for the teenagers and youths…

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