Uske Hisse ka Pyar

Love has no definition. As many relations are formed in this world, those many forms of love shine like stars in the sky of this mortal world. This book ‘ Uske Hisse ka Pyar’ by Ashish Dalal brings to life a few of these love forms. This book of short stories is filled with love in various of its manifests and celebrate each of the kinds it depicts. All the stories showcase a form of love which goes either recognised or fights for the need for recognition. Ashish Dalal has wonderfully portrayed the emotions which can be identified in the day to day life of us and we can easily associate with his stories because we often come across such things in the real life.

The sacrificing love of a mother as in ‘Devki’ and the undying love of a daughter for her parents as in ‘Apna Beta’ are some of the touching issues which author Ashish Dalal raises in his book Uske Hisse Ka Pyar. The book has 17 beautiful short stories and when we move ahead, we find the unfaithful, destroying love as in ‘Antim Sanskar’ or a love affair which has lost all relationships for acquiring one love form as in ‘Sambandh’ all of these are just a glimpse of what is packed in these wonderful short stories.

The story with the title same as of the book Uske Hisse Ka Pyar will surely touch your hearts. Madhavi and Palak, both try to understand each other and Prashant also does his best to manage the things to their best… Ashish Dalal has wonderfully captured the emotions of a child and that of a woman and he has very well justified the story.

All the stories carry in themselves the whole world of relations around which this so-called race of humanity survives. These relationships form the essence of human life. The journey that we undertake from selfless to selfish love filled with bitter sweet experiences teaches us lessons and asks many questions.

The predominant flavour of selfless love of females is clearly evident in all the stories. Be it a mother, a wife, a daughter, sister or daughter in law, their supreme love is highlighted by the author. The composition though not entirely new keeps us hooked till the end of the story and the readers feel the urge to go to the second one as soon as the first one gets over.

In his debut, Ashish Dalal has succeeded! He has managed to keep the readers involved in this short story collection which offers 17 beautiful and real short stories. You can finish the book in one go because the book is written in very simple and day-to-day Hindi. Praised by many critics writing in Hindi, the book is a MUST READ! I am sure the author will keep contributing to the world of Hindi literature like the same… get your copies of Uske Hisse Ka Pyar from the Amazon link below:

Uske Hisse Ka Pyar on Amazon India

by Nidhi Sharma

Uske Hisse ka Pyar by Ashish Dalal
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A book which is surely a MUST READ for the lovers of Hindi Literature…

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