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Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky – Review


Though I have all the years on my back and the long list of books I have finished reading in those years always lingering to remind the hell of a reader I have been, my fascination with poetry is known to all! This passion for poetry has taken me to different lanes of literature, across the languages and across the lands of the world. I have admired Indian poetry written in various languages and also British, American, Spanish and Irish and many others. And this search has landed me, this time, to the land of animals and their distinct, humorous and amazing acts – Ilia Tversky’s debut poetry collection – Help Baby Walrus. The title of the poetry collection comes from the first poem itself.

Key highlights of the poetry collection: 

Ilia Tvresky’s poetry collection, Help Baby Walrus, comes with sketches. And this feature makes the poetry collection really cool, helpful and enjoyable for kids who love reading rhyming poems and enjoying the images that connect with the thoughts, actions and themes of the poems. We all had our fair share of picture stories in our days. In Hindi, we used to read Chitra-Katha. So, modern kids will enjoy the images of animals that set the theme of the poems.

The language is very much children-friendly and there will be no trouble reading and understanding the same. Anyone with moderate skill in reading English will find it interesting and simple to navigate this book. So, kids who study in class four or class three or even lower will be able to enjoy this poetry collection.

The poems don’t only offer one kind of output. In a collective sense, the poems offer entertainment, excitement, stories and also many moral lessons for kids or anyone who reads the collection. You will find it evident as soon as you begin reading this book. However, it is up to the readers to take home whatever they want to. To me, these poems offer joy and happiness, a jolly-go version of the world where people and animals leave together without any fear from each other. Also, the poems subtly carry messages of love, satisfaction, peace and harmony.

Should children read this poetry collection? 

Of course! It is written for kids and anyone with a taste for rhyme and reason will certainly enjoy this poetry collection. I offered this book to my nephews and others around me. They all enjoyed reading it loud because the lines often rhyme and create a rhythmic effect. Well, once they started reading it, they had many questions. So, if you are offering it to children you know, be ready to be asked many questions and be kind enough to clear their doubts. You will love those conversations.

You can get a copy from Amazon India and make someone’s day delightful. Click the link below to grab a copy in Kindle or paperback version as you prefer.

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Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky – Review
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Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky is a collection of poems written for kids… and the intended readers will surely enjoy reading these poems!


Simple language
Wonderfully developed stories
A joy ride into the fantasy land

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