Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy – Book Review

Books on investments are mostly read by those who have, at least, the basic knowledge of financial documents, a moderate idea of financial mathematics and some elementary knowledge in economics in general. However, can you imagine a book on investment that is for the readers who cannot meet any of the criteria above? Certainly not! Anyone will come up with a fact that no book on investment can be complete or meaningful without data, numbers, charts, financial statements and so on. However, negating all these orthodox and traditional ideas, Jayaram Rajaram has come up with his debut book, a book on investments in various assets classes, Just Invest and Become Insanely Rich. Going by the title, anyone will be wooed to get a copy and start reading instantly. For all such eager readers, here are my observations about the book that will help them make a better decision about the book.

“This book is for anyone who wishes to approach investment in a very simple, commonsensical, intuitive manner and go against what the herd or 99% of the people do.”

So, the idea is very clear. The book has all the basic plus expert opinions, ideas and instructions that beginners in the world of investment might be looking for, according to the author. However, in the line just after the above-quoted, the author has also notified that any person with an income of about 15 lac per year should be diving deep into the book and he or she will be benefitted from the pieces of advice and suggestions for using tools and ideas that the author has offered in his book. And it is a sensible thing as well. Jayaram Rajaram, the author, does not promise to make ‘anyone’ rich and he has fixed certain benchmarks so that nobody loses anything instead of gaining in the future. I applaud this candidness in the thoughts of the author and I hope many readers will do the same.

The book has 12 distinct chapters and 7 out of these 12 chapters are dedicated to stock market investment in close or remote relations. How to invest, when to invest, why invest rather than having cash in your bank and when to pull the plug out… the author has described everything in brief details. Moreover, Jayaram has also let the readers have a glimpse of the research and analysis tools that he uses, in the form of websites with certain features. You will find examples and screenshots as well and those are really helpful for the novice as well as moderate level investors who might have been using tools in different forms.

One thing that I could gather by reading those chapters on investment in the stock market is that the book is aimed at those investors who are looking to play the long and the patient game. Intraday trading and short term trading are almost subdued in direct terms by the author. So, those who are looking for something on those concepts might have to be disappointed.

The 5 remaining chapters are dedicated to concepts like real estate investment, debt investment, office and meeting space investment, agricultural land investment, and a few other investment classes that will yield profit for the investors according to the author. The calculations that Jayaram has offered as examples are attractive and make sense in the first hit. However, the feasibility and use of the tools and suggestions might need time (since they are about the long run). However, anyone can easily see whether the strategies are working or not within a few months of the initial investment.

In terms of a book critic, after having briefly summarised the concepts, I will say that this title is written for common readers, using common language and should be easily detectable because it does not use the typical financial lexicon that a few authors tend to use while writing such a book. So, are you ready to give your chances of becoming wealthy a chance? The book is waiting on Amazon to be picked up!

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Review by Rahul Anand for The Book Blog

Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy – Book Review
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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy is a book by Jayaram and for anyone with the ambition to become wealthy by banking on his or her intuition and the guidance that this book offers… sounds lucrative? Get a copy!

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