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We have witnessed many changes in recent years in many industries. For many of us, it is the mobile industry that has dramatically evolved and for many of us who are readers, writers and literary enthusiasts, the publishing industry has moved to the next level. In India, more than 100s of novels are launched every month and we see the number only increasing day by day. People have really turned it up when it comes to publishing. With the rise of self-publishing industry and also the rise in the ambition of writers, readers have too much to read! The publications have too many books to publish. And the authors have too many options to choose from. I don’t know where people got the idea but they are feeling no pressure to show their creativity to the world. Moreover, the reason behind this is certainly self-publishing that has given freedom to creative writers to show their talent on a bigger stage.

Blatantly speaking, traditional publishing is now a sick horse resting in the stable. They react according to their preferences and choices. Either they will publish a reputed author or someone with a rich background in their respective fields. I don’t from where a normal person will get this with a normal background but a good skill in storytelling. We have seen enough examples of self-published authors excelling in the market.
The best things about self-publishing are simple to understand. It gives the freedom to the writers to write anything and try their luck. It is customized according to the choices made by the authors.

Especially in the case of India, the writing and publishing industry has shown a stationary process without a random walk and with an upward rise. More and more devolvement is taking place in this field.
Most of the talents have good storytelling skill but they become the victim of traditional publishing because they neither confirm nor deny. In my view, I found one of the main reasons for the tremendous rise of the self-publishing industry. If you possess good skill and a nice style of crafting your words then a stage must be there to show your ability. And people were searching for such a platform where they can meet the common conclusion and self-publishing has provided it.

ultimately, the basic things are there still. The readers are the final judge of your work and content is the king. If you have good content and you know how to make the readers engaged with your work nobody can stop you from becoming the next bestseller. Just pick it up with any of the best self-publishing company in India and get your work published now! Don’t hold your story back; let it be heard and let people judge your story in the book you publish. With a story in your head, your heart can never settle. With a story in your heart, your head can never rest. So, to let your head and heart relax, you do have to get it free of the idea that might be urging you… All the best for your writing quest!

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