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5 Novels you should read in August 2020 – A List


Reading novels has become a favourite task for many people who have recently started taking interest in reading literature. However, with time, as they grow this interest, the lack of good or interesting literature makes the task of choosing books to read a little difficult and it might become an obstacle in the way of becoming a reader at large… are you also facing such problems? Have you found out that your reading list has come to an end and you lack more books to read? Well, it’s the time you found out the perfect place where you will get regular recommendations for your reading list and you can continue reading passionately throughout the month. This time, we are here with 5 novels that you must read in August 2020. Are you ready?

The Great Gatsby: Are you a fan of the jazz novel? You may have heard the name for the first time if you are not a fan of this American genre of fiction. The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F Scott Fitzgerald who was a hero for the readers in the 1930s and 1940s. He lived a very short life but he left behind many well-remembered novels. However, there is no match for his work The Great Gatsby even on his own list of works. This is a novel that chronicles the wild pursuits of the youths and young people in the USA in the early decades of the 20th-century when the so-called Jazz Age carnival was still in the early days. You will find mystery, suspense, love and wilderness in this novel.

Gun Island: Gun Island is the latest novel written by Indian novelist (who lives in the USA). This novel will be very familiar to the readers who have already read Amitav Ghosh’s novel The Hungry Tide. However, for the readers who are coming to the world of Amitav Ghosh for the first time, they will find too much of ecological perspectives and a cry to save the environment and also an interesting story that is created by the author. The story will mostly revolve around Kolkata and its present and past and possible future because it is the ‘karma bhumi’ of the author…

The Guide: The Guide is an evergreen novel written by author R K Narayan, one of the leading Indian novelists writing in English. I guess this novel has featured on almost every list that I have created to the present day. It has a very subtle thing about it. The Guide begins as a slow romance and it translates into an existential, philosophical narrative gradually, in the course of the novel’s progress. The story of railway station guide, who is rather a conceitful thug who does his job in a very sophisticated way, and a suppressed dancer who struggles to carry on her art after being married to a researcher who looks to find ancient remains of Indian culture. The novel has been liked by many and many more will like it as they read it. You should not miss this novel in any way!

You Should Have Left: Are you, by any chance, a fan of horror novels? If your answer is yes, you might find this choice very interesting, subtle and a way better read compared to any other horror or scary novels you may have read so far. Written originally in German by Daniel Kehlmann and translated into English by Ross Benjamin, the novel is a work of fiction based on a weird science fiction logic that will keep you tied to the pages until you finish it by reading the last page and all the while, make sure you read it page-by-page, you will keep trying to figure out the secret that the author has hidden to be unfolded in a very subtle manner. So, when is your date with the hidden souls?

The Rozabel Line: A novel written by Ashwin Sanghi with a pseudonym, published in 2007, will keep you intrigued and glued to the pages. You will find an interesting opening of the novel waiting for you as you begin reading it. It tells the tale of Jesus after his supposed rescue from the crucifixion that we know about. The tale assumes that Jesus came to India looking for a space to locate and further. Sounds interesting? Then you should settle for a thriller read with an interesting angle and make your August even better…


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