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5 New & Old Non-fiction Books You Must Read on Truth, Spirituality & Search for God – A List


The title of this article is quite lucrative, isn’t it? Books you must read if you want to find God, truth or understand spirituality. Who doesn’t want at least one of these things mentioned above? Everybody is looking for truth and also God, in most of the cases. However, some people go on the path of the few by rejecting the whole world and choosing isolation while many others choose the path of the commons, living within the society and reading quality literature on various topics and trying their best to understand the whole concept of truth, God and spirituality, religion and other related aspects. Which is the best, I cannot say. However, if you are one of the latter kind of people, I do have a list of books that will surely be interesting for you. Here are 5 books that you must read if you are looking for spiritual insights, truth and God…


Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously by Osho: This book might be a little weird if you concentrate on the title only. However, once you start reading the book, you will realise that Osho has done quite a fabulous job by writing this piece. The joy that we get by living dangerously is the pleasure that we can extract from life by living without any obligation to our worries, concerns (the unnecessary ones) and burdens. The book is about unlearning and becoming a free person who tries to live in the present and realises the most actual practical truth. So, this book is all about the truth that we seek… the immediate truth… the practical truth. Are you ready to seek your truth?

Death; An Inside Story by Sadhguru: This is, perhaps, literally giving away the topic in the title itself. However, once you start reading the book and get deeper into the contents, you will realise that the book by Sadhguru, one of the few mystics who command massive respect, has much to offer on the subjects other than death – the life itself being prominent. This is a book which is meant to be read by the readers who think that death is bad or death has some wrong connotations or death should not be a part of life. Read this book to know more about many concepts around death and also realise the truth that death is.

The Concept of ‘God’ by Vinoth M: Vinoth’s book is a very practical book that takes the route of scientific inquiry into a matter which is charged rather emotionally. However, the author has created very interesting scenarios in his book with wonderful use of analogies, hypotheses and arguments. Vinoth M’s The Concept of ‘God’ is a book which should entice and entertain the readers who are interested in knowing ‘theories’ and ‘concepts’ of God rather than knowing the religious connotations or identity of God. This is a new book, not newer than Death by Sadhguru though, compared to other books on the list. You should give it a try.

Celebrating Love by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Well, what is the truth which comes immediately to your mind when you realise that you are a family person? It must be something around family, people nearby, father, mother, wife, husband, kids, brother, sister and so on… so, the matter of fact is that relationships are important in life. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s book, with a spiritually embedded watermark, discusses relationships in details and in a beautiful way so that the readers can understand it in a better way. This is an essential read if you are worried about the worldly affairs too much. You should get solace you may be seeking. 

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo: Who does not know Sri Aurobindo? Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy of mental and supermental human being, by the means of a spiritual awakening or spiritual evolution, has been mentioned in the book in details and it is also considered to be the most canonical work by the author which lays the foundation of Aurobindo’s philosophy. Published way back in 1919, the book is very popular among academicians and otherwise readers who are interested in philosophy, truth, spirituality, life and so one… are you one of those? You must read this book if yes is your answer.


So, dear readers, this was the list for the day and I am sure that you must like this if you are seeking truth in your life. You should read some or all or any of these books as per your convenience, the availability of the books and your leisure. If you are sitting home, you can read all of the books… 🙂 All the best! To buy these books, you can go to Amazon India website by clicking below and enjoy attractive offers as well. Stay safe and keep reading!

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