The Portable Book of Birthdays – Review

This is not the first time I am reviewing a title which is more interesting and less literary. All the ways, the book will keep you engaged because you must have friends who birthdays are on any of the 28-31 dates in a month, throughout the year. The book is not precise but very wonderful as you will be able to match minimum 50/100 traits of yourself or your relatives or your friends – just on the basis of their birthdays.

The Portable Book of Birthdays has been written by two authors, Dennis Fairchild and Peter Weber. This book contains a brief summary of personality traits, qualities, money-matters and love interests of persons born on any of the 366 days of a year (including the 29th Feb or a leap year). And how does the prediction or assumptions hold? As I told, somewhere around 50-100 with 50 being the minimum resemblance and 100 being the best score. You can begin by seeing your personality type by jumping to the page of your birthday.

I did check my birthday first of all and I was certainly impressed with the precise details that resemble almost 80% of my personality. It begins with a brief summary of your personality, qualities and everything about you. The second thing in the line is your love interest. The third offering is you and your relation or distance with money. And it concludes with famous people who share your birthday. All that makes you happy… at times. 🙂

This is not a must-read book. This is not an essential read. This is, to be frank, just a funny book that will help you spend your nights when you are alone or help you spend your time on a boring trip wonderfully. In another scenario, suppose you are spending a night on a journey or a picnic and you are sitting with your friends around a bonfire, what would be better than checking out what the life offers to you and your friends? All you need is a birthday and voila!

So, dear readers, if you want to spend some time knowing about yourself and your friends, you can get a copy of this birthday book from Amazon India. The Portable Book of Birthdays is available on Amazon India. You can get a copy by clicking the link below:

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Note: Don’t rely too much on the assumptions made by this book. This gives you a glimpse of an idea. You need to write on your fate. You need to WORK HARD! All the best! 🙂

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