Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky – Review

Though I have all the years on my back and the long list of books I have finished reading in those years always lingering to remind the hell of a reader I have been, my fascination with poetry is known to all! This passion for poetry has taken me to different lanes of literature, across the languages and across the lands of the world. I have admired Indian poetry written in various languages and also British, American, Spanish and Irish

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The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – Book Review

The best thing about this novel is that it has been written by an author who is very young, talented and who does have a vision for the ideal children’s literature. Once you start reading The Moon Wolf, Sanjana Kanamarlapudi’s latest fictional book, you will understand the statement in the very first line conveniently. The novel has all the essential elements that fuse together to craft an ideal book for young readers. Written by a young author as well, The

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The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society | Book Review

Anand Arungundram Mohan’s novel, the first in The Journey Series, The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society is an out and out fantasy novel executed in a manner (wonderfully) that it comes in a position to utilise the present – Indian conditions, Indo-Pak relations, terrorism and others – and establishing a connection of the present to a mysterious past that he creates at the very beginning of his novel. The novel has been praised for its sheer fantasy, alternate reality that it

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That Pair of Eyes… a day to remember!

How far can we go keeping a promise and how far can we go while making them? No one knows the limits when it comes to making promises but the limitations are always there when we talk about keeping the promises we might have made. Still, there are the people who try their best to go to any possible or impossible extent keeping the value of their words…    It was the day which I will keep in my heart…

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the creator of his world, J K Rowling, both have been very famous since the time the series first appeared. There are people in a large number who have been the readers of Harry Potter works and I am also one of them. There is something amazing about these books – you don’t have to find something ‘literary’ in those – buy the book – read it – pass it on to someone else for a read!

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