Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky – Review

Though I have all the years on my back and the long list of books I have finished reading in those years always lingering to remind the hell of a reader I have been, my fascination with poetry is known to all! This passion for poetry has taken me to different lanes of literature, across the languages and across the lands of the world. I have admired Indian poetry written in various languages and also British, American, Spanish and Irish and many others. And this search has landed me, this time, to the land of animals and their distinct, humorous and amazing acts – Ilia Tversky’s debut poetry collection – Help Baby Walrus. The title of the poetry collection comes from the first poem itself.

Key highlights of the poetry collection: 

Ilia Tvresky’s poetry collection, Help Baby Walrus, comes with sketches. And this feature makes the poetry collection really cool, helpful and enjoyable for kids who love reading rhyming poems and enjoying the images that connect with the thoughts, actions and themes of the poems. We all had our fair share of picture stories in our days. In Hindi, we used to read Chitra-Katha. So, modern kids will enjoy the images of animals that set the theme of the poems.

The language is very much children-friendly and there will be no trouble reading and understanding the same. Anyone with moderate skill in reading English will find it interesting and simple to navigate this book. So, kids who study in class four or class three or even lower will be able to enjoy this poetry collection.

The poems don’t only offer one kind of output. In a collective sense, the poems offer entertainment, excitement, stories and also many moral lessons for kids or anyone who reads the collection. You will find it evident as soon as you begin reading this book. However, it is up to the readers to take home whatever they want to. To me, these poems offer joy and happiness, a jolly-go version of the world where people and animals leave together without any fear from each other. Also, the poems subtly carry messages of love, satisfaction, peace and harmony.

Should children read this poetry collection? 

Of course! It is written for kids and anyone with a taste for rhyme and reason will certainly enjoy this poetry collection. I offered this book to my nephews and others around me. They all enjoyed reading it loud because the lines often rhyme and create a rhythmic effect. Well, once they started reading it, they had many questions. So, if you are offering it to children you know, be ready to be asked many questions and be kind enough to clear their doubts. You will love those conversations.

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The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – Book Review

The best thing about this novel is that it has been written by an author who is very young, talented and who does have a vision for the ideal children’s literature. Once you start reading The Moon Wolf, Sanjana Kanamarlapudi’s latest fictional book, you will understand the statement in the very first line conveniently. The novel has all the essential elements that fuse together to craft an ideal book for young readers. Written by a young author as well, The Moon Wolf will get special treatment from the readers as well as book critics, I am sure.

The novel has very favourable ratings and reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, as well as on the popular book review websites in India and globally. And it is no coincidence because the novel does have a certain appeal about it. Novelists often try to put entertainment above anything else in their novels even if they are writing for children. However, Sanjana Kanamarlapudi had her priorities sorted and she has tried to balance between acts of motivation as well as instances of entertainment. It is a story consisting of wolves, their struggles, conflict with humans and a web of assassination plots, battles and prey-predator games. Everything changes with Moony, a wolf supposedly came from the moon, mysterious and magical, strong and able, friendly and fierce… I must admit that the novelist has done her best in creating this protagonist that’s inspirational and ideal for the roles ascribed to it.

The Moon Wolf is for children who are in their early primary sections, children in their early teens and anyone with an interest in fantasy novels, fiction involving animal kingdoms and novels about magical powers, myths and legends. Yes, at the core, you will certainly find a drive that will essentially appeal to the young audience only. However, the novel has certain elements that make it different, adds to its depth and help it stand out among many other novels. Sanjana’s novel has different layers in the storyline, one is about the curiosity of the protagonist itself, Moony looking for its origins and one is about the curiosity of the readers, whether Moony will be successful in leading the pack of wolves to a victory in the war against Grey’s Dark Pack. This makes things interesting.

The Moon Wolf, as a novel, excels because it does not rely merely on any one issue or idea. It has Moony, the hero. It has Grey, the villain. It has the secret prophecy of someone from the Moon and it has the regular day job involving training, leadership and preparation for the battle to come. The novel also has negotiations and compromises, mitigation and political ties. Everything in the novel is tightly connected and the author has not left space for loopholes, as it appears after the first reading. However, critically, the novel may find itself in want of a little more depth in the development of characters and 2-3 more characters from each side, if developed, could have added more to the overall appeal of the novel. Nevertheless, in its current form, the novel will surely attract readers and will make for a day spent well in the life of children and lovely young readers. So, if you are thinking about a gift for someone’s birthday around, do consider a copy of this brilliant novel!

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The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society | Book Review

Anand Arungundram Mohan’s novel, the first in The Journey Series, The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society is an out and out fantasy novel executed in a manner (wonderfully) that it comes in a position to utilise the present – Indian conditions, Indo-Pak relations, terrorism and others – and establishing a connection of the present to a mysterious past that he creates at the very beginning of his novel. The novel has been praised for its sheer fantasy, alternate reality that it has created in the past and has used that wonderfully in the present. Many a leading Indian book review site have opened sentences of praises to appreciate this work by Anand. 

The novel opens in the battleground where Ashoka is fighting for Kalinga. Unfortunately, even the win could not attain satisfaction and Ashoka, disillusioned with life, announced renunciation as a Boudh Bhikshu. Hold on, that’s what the history books say. Anand comes up with his mysterious pack. The novel tells you that Ashoka created a secret society in which he inducted 9 very intelligent men to carry out scholarly research, investigation and literature writing and, eventually, prepare a Book of Power that will have advanced science (almost impossible science) which will be used for the benefit of humanity at large. Liked the idea? What are the advanced science theories? What are the inventions these scholars cover? What are the futuristic technologies? Where do they keep the book? 

In the present, the novel zooms in on 9 ‘special children’ all born on the same day, having a single minute’s difference between each other, Ram being the eldest. These guys live with their families in a building called River Fall in Hyderabad and the year they were born was 2006. Rocky, Gopal, Leela, and Ali are other prominent members of the Nifty Nine, coined by Leela. An incident or rather an accident during a cricket match takes the life of Gopal and all other friends are sad for many days. However, the next thing that works like a propeller in the novel is the search for that book, the Book of Power which has, they say, the power to do many things one cannot imagine, including bringing someone back into life after the demise… really? This turn adds too much fun, excitement and chaotic scenes in the novel when the guys fly around in the chariots… they key turnaround in the plot comes when a letter by Gopal floats including the sentence: 

PS: I received a strange email today. It read: “Eight will find what the Nine have left behind.”

Of course, the children find the book and they try to bring Gopal back from the dead as well. Moreover, they do many other things with the powers they realise the book has. However, is it the same book that the secret society formed by Ashoka had hidden somewhere? Are these guys, 9 in number, the same guys who died thousands of years ago? There are many strange twists in turns in the novel to keep the readers occupied until the conclusion which is perfectly a preparation ground for the next instalment in The Journey Series. 

Coming to the critical aspects of the novel, it is thrilling and exciting – no doubts about it. However, the novel has many ambiguous elements which could have been and should be avoided when the author writes his next novel in the series. The novel has utilised many Indian elements from the ancient texts popular in South India and well-known all over India. Ratha or a chariot feature in many Indian ancient texts and these vehicles, run by the horses, had the powers to fly in the sky and even move on the water. This utilisation ensures that Anand becomes one of those authors, like Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi, who can connect the Indian past to the Indian present and give something wonderful to the readers as the end result. The narrative becomes underdeveloped as the novel progresses. The conversation threads become too open to losing the track as there is nothing which can qualify who is talking to whom. Though these incidents are very few in number to trouble the reading experience, a better version could have made it the best! To sum up, the novel is wonderfully prepared to take the readers to a joy ride and I would emphasise that The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society is more a children’s and teen’s novel… you can get a copy of the novel from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

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That Pair of Eyes… a day to remember!

How far can we go keeping a promise and how far can we go while making them? No one knows the limits when it comes to making promises but the limitations are always there when we talk about keeping the promises we might have made. Still, there are the people who try their best to go to any possible or impossible extent keeping the value of their words… 
It was the day which I will keep in my heart… safe and secure. No promises made and no words uttered but still, there was a sense of understanding which prevailed and lingered around. I saw him….first look itself was enchanting. He gave a friendly, naughty smile. A look that was hard to ignore, a look that was only for me. Among the crowd, I could feel him looking straight into my eyes and reaching the bottom of my heart. I was mesmerised at the same time shy, didn’t know where to look. He demanded to look into his eyes. His belief ‘eyes never lie’. It took me some time to come to terms with his eyes but then …. It was like a magical spell and I gave in. He wasn’t anything like those who are found in lots here and there on the streets and on the gates of the colleges and universities. He was certainly different that I could sense just in the very first sight. 
His eyes were restless… perhaps looking for a suitable sight which could comfort them but I have already settled my eyes on him by then noticing the moves made by him and the activities. I am not sure even now why did I do it but I just did it because there was a complete nothingness there! 
Evening was ready to spread and the Sun was willing to quit by then. The ruddy light was looking so pleasant on the waves which were silent that day. The world was busy in itself and I was absorbed in his absorbing eyes which were still restless and unwilling to calm down. There was something so pleasant about him which gave me a million moments of contemplation within those 15 odd minutes.
Sadly, the cities have shorter days and longer nights without the light. The world was moving and it compelled our tacit conversation without any word to an end…
Now that I remember that day, it still fills me up with the same enthusiasm to believe that the world is really strange with so many strangers around us every day but on some odd days, one among those just become so familiar that it feels that you can spend rest of your days just seeing that one…  to that unknown person, I could dedicate only these words because I know I never will see him again… the world may or may not be round, but it’s surely too complicated! 
Stars just a twinkle away
Darkness all around
Scent of musk blooms ,
Breeze to fill the gap.
Enchanting night
Golden luminous moon
There he was, Standing out
Mysterious eyes, casting spell
Looked through the soul.
They spoke, bewitching eyes
Spoke to me,
Sparkling eyes shone.
He looked straight into my eyes
For long…
Entered my soul.
Waves up and down,
I felt I will drown.
I controlled, held myself back.
He was strong to hold.
Took me, and stood among those mights
Scared, confused, I looked at him,
His eyes lit as he confessed
Lamp, candles stars all lost their gleam.
Bewitching eyes kept me captive.
Two pairs, near the sea
Over the skies.
This earth that horizon.
In between a promise to keep
Nidhi Sharma

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the creator of his world, J K Rowling, both have been very famous since the time the series first appeared. There are people in a large number who have been the readers of Harry Potter works and I am also one of them. There is something amazing about these books – you don’t have to find something ‘literary’ in those – buy the book – read it – pass it on to someone else for a read! As simple as that is the theory with the works related to Harry Potter series. Today, I would be writing about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the 8th installment in the very famous series by Rowling.

The fictitious world of wizards continues in the 8th edition of Harry Potter fantasy novel. The story begins from where the things end up. Voldemort has been defeated and a new era of Harry and his friends; Ron and Hermione life’s begin. Harry has now become the father of 3 children and lives a simple life working in the Ministry of Magic. As Harry was famous in his schooling days, his son Albus Severus Potter named after the two great headmasters experienced all opposite. Being in Slytherin house he was hated the most. The story revolves around Albus and his friend (son of Draco Malfoy) Scorpius. The battle of Hogwarts is again against Lord Voldemort, and both of them get their best to defeat the dark time. J.k Rowling has again come up with a great story timing. The character formation and the setup around to friends whose families are supposed to be enemies are well performed. There is still a touch of old legends like Severus Snape and Dumbledore who come up to light the way for Harry as they always do! Hermoine and Ron are together with Harry to correct all the problems occurred due to the time~turner.

Indeed the storyline is good at keeping the legacy of all the parts of this fantasy world. And the mesmerism is still very much effective as the readers always are found in-line waiting for the next one… Let’s keep reading these and keep entertaining ourselves!

Review by: Ria