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That Pair of Eyes… a day to remember!

How far can we go keeping a promise and how far can we go while making them? No one knows the limits when it comes to making promises but the limitations are always there when we talk about keeping the promises we might have made. Still, there are the people who try their best to go to any possible or impossible extent keeping the value of their words… 
It was the day which I will keep in my heart… safe and secure. No promises made and no words uttered but still, there was a sense of understanding which prevailed and lingered around. I saw him….first look itself was enchanting. He gave a friendly, naughty smile. A look that was hard to ignore, a look that was only for me. Among the crowd, I could feel him looking straight into my eyes and reaching the bottom of my heart. I was mesmerised at the same time shy, didn’t know where to look. He demanded to look into his eyes. His belief ‘eyes never lie’. It took me some time to come to terms with his eyes but then …. It was like a magical spell and I gave in. He wasn’t anything like those who are found in lots here and there on the streets and on the gates of the colleges and universities. He was certainly different that I could sense just in the very first sight. 
His eyes were restless… perhaps looking for a suitable sight which could comfort them but I have already settled my eyes on him by then noticing the moves made by him and the activities. I am not sure even now why did I do it but I just did it because there was a complete nothingness there! 
Evening was ready to spread and the Sun was willing to quit by then. The ruddy light was looking so pleasant on the waves which were silent that day. The world was busy in itself and I was absorbed in his absorbing eyes which were still restless and unwilling to calm down. There was something so pleasant about him which gave me a million moments of contemplation within those 15 odd minutes.
Sadly, the cities have shorter days and longer nights without the light. The world was moving and it compelled our tacit conversation without any word to an end…
Now that I remember that day, it still fills me up with the same enthusiasm to believe that the world is really strange with so many strangers around us every day but on some odd days, one among those just become so familiar that it feels that you can spend rest of your days just seeing that one…  to that unknown person, I could dedicate only these words because I know I never will see him again… the world may or may not be round, but it’s surely too complicated! 
Stars just a twinkle away
Darkness all around
Scent of musk blooms ,
Breeze to fill the gap.
Enchanting night
Golden luminous moon
There he was, Standing out
Mysterious eyes, casting spell
Looked through the soul.
They spoke, bewitching eyes
Spoke to me,
Sparkling eyes shone.
He looked straight into my eyes
For long…
Entered my soul.
Waves up and down,
I felt I will drown.
I controlled, held myself back.
He was strong to hold.
Took me, and stood among those mights
Scared, confused, I looked at him,
His eyes lit as he confessed
Lamp, candles stars all lost their gleam.
Bewitching eyes kept me captive.
Two pairs, near the sea
Over the skies.
This earth that horizon.
In between a promise to keep
Nidhi Sharma

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