Centripetal by Rohit Shukla – Book Review

Some novels are to be read within hours and some are to be read first few chapters and left alone for good of everyone! However, there are the novels that we like to read but, somehow, cannot finish it in one go and we have to take breaks, come back again, start reading and take another break if necessary. Centripetal by Rohit Shukla is one of the latter. A reader must want to accept the challenge and keep reading to

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Before you read Franz Kafka – an ideal preparation

Franz Kafka, as most of the readers of his works may know, is an eccentric overlay, a kind of subterfuge, used to convey nice things before you have poison thrust into your mouth… 🙂 Yes, reading Kafka is difficult because he does not make any sense to most of the minds who read him. However, if you are curious and lucky enough to establish your tuning with his works, you will be the luckiest person to revel in the most

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The Portable Book of Birthdays – Review

This is not the first time I am reviewing a title which is more interesting and less literary. All the ways, the book will keep you engaged because you must have friends who birthdays are on any of the 28-31 dates in a month, throughout the year. The book is not precise but very wonderful as you will be able to match minimum 50/100 traits of yourself or your relatives or your friends – just on the basis of their

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50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website – Review

Though the book is old, it does not take away many things that are working as the white hat SEO practices to make your website very famous on the Google search result pages or SERPs. The good practices are still good practices and one should know about those if one wants a website to come to the top of Google search results. So, what am I talking about? Why am I talking about these things today? I want to let

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13 Untitled and Weird Poems by Alok Mishra: Review

“Ombrey  to  multi-million poker  evolution is real.  Death by hunger  to  more death by more hunger  revolution was never real.”  Writes Alok Mishra as poem number 9 in his latest poetry collection published in the year 2018, 13 Untitled and Weird Poems. This poem answers many questions and raises as many at the same time – evening the odd which is created, instantly. Moreover, this poem also gives us something as solace – poetry is not yet ditched in India.

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Jestus on Rampage – Review

The second novel by V. S. Sury, Jestus on Rampage, is a sequel to his first novel Jestus and it further develops the character that he has created in his debut. In this novel, Jestus is introduced to us as a professor at NG University who comes on his first day at the campus on his horseback and sets the scene chaotic. People are amazed because he has letters of recommendations from reputed institutions in many countries but his approach

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