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Jestus on Rampage – Review


The second novel by V. S. Sury, Jestus on Rampage, is a sequel to his first novel Jestus and it further develops the character that he has created in his debut. In this novel, Jestus is introduced to us as a professor at NG University who comes on his first day at the campus on his horseback and sets the scene chaotic. People are amazed because he has letters of recommendations from reputed institutions in many countries but his approach towards education is rather unconventional and somewhat dubious! And it happens, Jestus, who is well-known as Bagdenborg at the campus, is kicked out of the university because the university administration thinks that he is corrupting the atmosphere there. And after that, the real script of Jestus on Rampage is unfolded!

A man of 45 now, Jestus is someone you will certainly find mysterious. He has an unusual aura around him which attracts many people towards Jestus. His witty dialogues certainly draw a series of laughter but somewhere deep, there lies the seriousness in his words which the readers will realise if they read V. S. Sury’s novel with a little more than usual attention.

However, Jestus on Rampage is all about humour and laughter, apparently as you will find him very witty and practical even at the moment when he is making love with one of his students, Sarah. The real problem for Jestus arises when he becomes the target of the brunt the Rationalist society led by Norse. His new enemies think that his illogical way of living is certainly a problem for the people in the Rationalistic society and that he should be sent away or just eliminated. How will Jestus survive? How will Jestus escape?

The novel is written in plain English and you will seldom find any lucrative metaphors except for some of the sentences with two layers of meanings. For example, just take a look at the following sentences:

“Jestus simply knows. There is no knowing what he knows, or how he knows. If you ask him, he would say that there is no need to go about seeking to know what is to be known. …”

Jestus on Rampage has a straightforward plot which seeks to explore the doings of this mysterious person Jestus. The theme can be debated as most of the book bloggers in India have agreed. At the end, you will find an interesting read and you will surely praise the crafty and unusual fiction that V. S. Sury has created in the form of this book. Get your copies from the Amazon link below:

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Jestus on Rampage - reviewed
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The novel is pretty well drawn and unfolds in a witty manner which keeps the readers engaged with the text.

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