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War and Peace; a stream of consciousness summary!


It is the story of St. Petersburg in 1805 when Napoleon contested of Western Europe. The Russian troops are mobilised. Andrew was in the war and injured. Pierre married Hélène Kuragina in a daze. Hélène Kuragina cheats on Pierre. Andrew’s wife was pregnant and gave birth to a son when Andrew arrives at home. Lise died by giving duty of the child to her sister. After the deceit by his wife, Perrie was involved in the Freemansory as he was disturbed with his married life. Rostov family’s fortunes, meanwhile, were not good due to the gambling done by the Nicholas. Rostov thinks to sell his estate, Otradnoe. Nicholas was forced to marry a rich girl instead of Sonya according to their promise. Nicolas still continued in the army and later became the witness of peace between the Alexander and Napoleon. Natasha grows and falls in the love with the Andrew. But Andrew’s father had objections to their marriage and told Andrews to wait for a year. Both reluctantly accepted the demand and Andrew goes off to the travel. When Andrews returns home only to find that his father became a cruel man who always used to torture Mary. Now Natasha was attracted to the Anatole who confesses his love. She decided that she loves Anatole and decided to elope with him but later on the plan fails. Later on, Pierre feels an attraction towards Natasha. Suddenly Natasha falls ill. Napoleon attacks the Russia and Alexander reluctantly declared war. Andrew was forced to return to the Army. The French approved the Bolkonsky estate and Mary and the old prince were advised to leave. The Prince died as French troops arrived. Nicholas saves Mary. Mary and Nicholas feel the essence of love. Russian Army unexpectedly defeated the large French force. Pierre, distressed by the announcement of his marriage, left off. Roast of taking the wanted Andrews with him. Pierre was still half crazed by the views of looting, fire and murder. Rostov in terms to save a girl from a fire, French authority caught him. Pierre witnessed the execution of several of his prisoners. Nicholas’ aunt tries to arrange a marriage between him and Mary but he restricted because of the commitment to Sonya. Natasha and Mary grow closer when Mary visit to see injured Andrew. Natasha forgives Natasha by declaring his love before he dies. General Kutuzov leads the Russian troops back to Moscow after their defeat. Petya the brother of Natasha was shot and dead. Pierre after ill for 3 months realised his love with Natasha and married her. Eventually, they had 4 children. Nicholas and Mary get coupled and despite some problems, they lived a happy family life.

The article is written by Jagrit Gupta.


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