Read these Indian Authors if you are looking for different – a list

Indian literature has never disappointed me. Whenever I look for inspiration, excitement, perplexing philosophy and a feeling of oneness with characters and their predicaments, I am always, by instinct, drawn to the world of Indian literature, irrespective of language. Though I am very much interested in reading original literature written in various Indian languages, I can only read Hindi, English, Maithili and Sanskrit (to a moderate level) and for other languages, I have to use Hindi or English translation. And therefore, I will list 5 authors here… authors who originally write in English or Hindi, from India, and you will absolutely love them once you read their books, even if it’s only one! Are you ready? 

Ravi Ranjan Goswami: A more than simply talented, artistic and expressive author, Ravi Ranjan Goswami writes in Hindi and English. A graduate in science and worked as a customs officer, Ravi is retired and he lives in Ernakulam to ‘serve literature’ in his own words. The author has written over 20 books, in Hindi and English, and his latest book, The Ashta Yogis (Hindi & English) tells the tale of a Siddha Yogi, Vishnudev and his eight disciples prepared to avert a natural calamity in India. Ravi’s books are dedicated to Indian ethos and India – everything about it. He writes short stories, novels, novellas and does it in Hindi and English. His writings are, however, famous among Hindi readers and he is known to a wider audience as an established Hindi writer. Read him if you want to read entertaining and yet seriously written stories. You can get books by Ravi by visiting the Amazon link below:
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Gautam Rajrishi: Gautam Rajrishi is a serving Indian Army officer. However, in the circles of readers, literature lovers and literary enthusiasts, Gautam Rajrishi is known as a shayar, an Urdu poet and a fascinating storyteller. He has written three books, conventional ones, and an audiobook, the latest one, Janbaaz. Gautam is famous for his contemporary style, use of words and unconventional imagery in his poetry. Want to know more about his writings? What could be a better way than reading his books? You can get the works written by Gautam from Amazon India. Just click the link below to the Amazon website:
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Uma Vanka: Uma Vanka is a tech writer, a motivational speaker, a futuristic-science visionary and also an inspirational author who motivates the readers of young age to chase their goals as well as fixate their goals wisely. He has already published one book, I AM A ROCKSTAR and his second book, Future is BIG, is about to be published (earlier next year, 2022). You can read his bestselling debut book and learn about the life, goals in life, work-life balance, career, jobs and more. You can buy his book from Amazon by clicking the link below:
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Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev): Perhaps the only Saint or Yogi or Sadhu who can take on any question you throw at him, anytime and in any mood, Sadhguru is also a prolific author and you cannot skip his books if you love reason, science, spirituality and intellect. Sadhguru writes about life, death, vision, philosophy, science, Yoga, the human body and inner engineering, an idea and a concept developed by him. You can begin in the chronicle order or you can pick up any book from anywhere. You will certainly love his writings.
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Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Yes, you may know him as the prime minister of India in the early 2000s or as a popular leader from Bharatiya Janta Party. However, if you are aware of literature in India, you must know that Vajpayee was a wonderful Hindi poet and he used to recite his poems in a wonderful manner, the heart-touching and flamboyant renderings of his poems excited the crowds. You can know more about the style, content and substance of his writings by reading books written by him. Get his books from Amazon India today and grace yourself with fiery nationalism, humanism, philosophy, religion and much more.
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I do hope that you will love this list of authors and you will surely find the works by them wonderful to read… if you like, do share this list with your friends and inspire them to read more and more. You can visit our website regularly for more content like this. Happy reading!


by Sarthak for The Book Blog

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On Read these Indian Authors if you are looking for different – a list

  • Ravi Ranjan Goswami is not only a good writer but also a good person with great personality.
    What defines his writing is mix of personification of values of life and a pinch of ecstatic sense of the struggle of the characters with fulfilling & gripping story line and deep satires.

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