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International Relations by Amit Sinha – a book for UPSC aspirants


Amit Sinha’s book, International Relations, is a perfect title for all those aspirants of IAS who are just the beginners and starting their preparations with the introductions to different subjects and concepts which will create their base for the further development. Published in 2018, the book is a late-player and with the time advantage, the book is surely updated, better prepared and wonderfully written by the author with the details which are contemporary and the historical decisions have been analysed rather better. Today, I will be listing a few advantages of the book for the newcomers in the IAS aspirant’s gallery.

The Author: Amit Sinha is a qualified person to have written this book. He holds a degree in International Relations and Politics other than the credentials he has. He has the experience of IAS exams, interviews and also teaching and mentoring IAS aspirants. Therefore, his experience has largely come into play while he was writing this book and you will surely witness it when you read the book’s content.

The Concept: The author has detailed and analysed India’s relations with its neighbours and also with other countries in the world very carefully. Along with the historical ties and pacts, he has also analysed the recent developments during the recent years. He has also highlighted the major areas which become the talking-point when the foreign ministers or the representatives sit to talk. This will certainly be useful for those students who are new to International Relations from India’s perspective. They will have the background as well as the ongoing situation’s idea.

Other Useful Things: There are review questions, pointwise analysis of the topics (wherever needed), bailout opinions and also the relatively new chapters with respect to a book in this genre. International Institutions and Indian Diaspora chapters will be very useful for the aspirants as they can have a large picture of what do these institutions do and what does the Diaspora mean to Indian foreign relations.

The Book’s Authority: I have seen on different forums and websites that people are talking about International Relations by Amit Sinha in a very positive way. Aspirants, the experts, the ex-aspirants and book critics as well, International Relations by Amit Sinha has received a favourable response for the very first edition published and the book will surely be useful to the aspirants for their GS, Mains and even interview during the IAS exams.

Price & Publication – Published by one of the most respected academic book publishers in India, Kitab Mahal, the book is priced at 325 Rs which is rather low compared to other books published for IAS aspirants. For this price, an aspirant is getting a very good book!


Where to buy?

You can buy this book from Amazon by clicking the link below. The link opens in a new tab:

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International Relations by Amit Sinha
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One of the best books for the UPSC aspirants on International Relations!

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