Seema Seth offers her thoughts on love – Some Love Only Once: The drone story for young audience

Some Love Only Once is a distinct book from all the other books of contemporary literature. I haven’t read this kind of book before. Trust me, reading this book was a sheer pleasure. This is unique. There are no chapters. There are no parts. There are no sections. There is no antagonist, so no planning and plotting. And as such there are no heroes and heroines. The book just flows irrespective of anything and makes a memorable ending. Now you

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The Great Indian Bust: A Coming of Age Fiction – Review

Rishabh Bhatnagar’s novel The Great Indian Bust: A Coming of Age Fiction was read by our blogger Akash recently and he has offered his review and opinions about the experience with this emerging novelist’s attempt at writing a personal, subjective and yet effective piece of fiction. You can read the review below and also find the link to buy this novel from Amazon at the end of the review. We hope you will enjoy it. This is the recent development

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Why do we celebrate Holi: Holi Festival by Anitha Rathod – Review

I have been reading a few books recently. A few of them were certainly the regular ones you get to read these days – the romantic fiction. However, a few books, luckily, were deliberately picked up from different genres and that saved my reading hours with delight as well as a new experience. Do we ignore something when we become readers? Yes, we all ignore what we did in childhood; do you remember the books you read as a child?

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Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxminarayanan – Review

Suraj Laxminarayanan’s latest (and the debut as well) novel, Elephants in the Room, has left me stunned, puzzled as well as satisfied. I have finished the novel yesterday and I am truly fascinated by the imagination and subtle thinking that the novelist has weighed in in his very first novel. It covers the events of merely four days; however, the details that have been in the focus in his writing, Suraj has penetrated various layers of narrative and he has

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A Dowryless Wedding – Review

Book – A Dowryless Wedding Author – Merlin Franco Published by – Authors Upfront Year Published – 2018 Page Count – 225 Interested readers might be – Young readers, teenagers, readers who like light and humorous satire “Come Chetta, let’s talk.” And in actuality, this is the only thing that doesn’t happen in this novel in a way it should be… the story of a marriage which crumbles… A Dowryless Wedding is a story which will entertain the readers, no

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American Maharajah by Mark Levy

American Maharajah is a 2018 novel written by American author Mark Stephen Levy. Since the publication, the book has been very buzzy among the readers of contemporary fiction as well as those readers who have a keen eye for a class in the contemporary literature. Mark’s work, to be frank, cannot be dumped in the contemporary jargon box because it has the qualities which make a fictional work stand apart from the rest. What I liked the most in the

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