Why do we celebrate Holi: Holi Festival by Anitha Rathod – Review

I have been reading a few books recently. A few of them were certainly the regular ones you get to read these days – the romantic fiction. However, a few books, luckily, were deliberately picked up from different genres and that saved my reading hours with delight as well as a new experience. Do we ignore something when we become readers? Yes, we all ignore what we did in childhood; do you remember the books you read as a child? Children literature plays a very important role in the life of a grown-up reader. Today, I will be sharing my review of a children’s book – Why do we celebrate Holi? This book has been written by Anitha Rathod, a famous children author from India.

A picture book that perfectly captures the emotions and tradition attached to the Holi festival, a festival of Hindus celebrated by Indians in every part of the world, this will be appreciated by the parents, liked and widely read by the children and also will establish Anitha as an author of children literature on a further pedestal. I could see very connecting images, very aptly written text and also splendidly packed information – why do we celebrate Holi, how we do it and what are the rituals and history associated with it. And this is what I would like to see in a book for children!

Anitha Rathod has wonderfully written many children books in the past as well. However, this one is certainly demanding special attention as it comes when an occasion is nearing – an occasion that we celebrate – Holi. So, what do you think your children would be after they have celebrated Holi and thrown colours on each other? Let them learn more about the festival through this wonderful book and I am sure they will be interested more than ever – in reading books as well as in knowing more about other festivals. So, this picture-book will work in many ways; it will enhance the interest in literature from a tender age and it will also make the readers (children in this case) more and more curious to ask about reasons behind our rituals, festivals and many other things. And that is why many book bloggers in India have praised the book for its usefulness and content.

So, on the basis of my reading experience and also an analysis of the content, I have all praises for this book by Anitha Rathod – I have nothing in my sight that goes against it. I would recommend this to be read by children who are able to decipher and comprehend the English language at a basic level. You can get a copy for your kids from Amazon:

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review by Chandan for The Book Blog

Why do we celebrate Holi by Anitha Rathod
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A perfect book for children who have just begun reading books…

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