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A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Review


Neil David Chan’s book, A Higher Conversation, compels the readers to seriously think about the possibility of communicating with one’s soul. Neil, we can say, has tried to give a wonderful presentation of the idea of having a conversation with one’s own soul and he has done it in a wonderful manner. The whole book, A Higher Conversation, is about talking to one’s inner-self and learning about the things that we don’t know or might not know if we remain troubled by the external world so much. I enjoyed the book very much and I even tried to practice the art of talking to my soul… though it might take more time to fully realise this art and then master it. Nevertheless, here is my review of A Higher Conversation by Neil.

“So what you are saying is from a small ME, become a bigger ME, and then become a universal ME!”

Neil shares this thought with his soul. The conversation about possessions and the associated consequences that they might bring has been very interesting to me. And, the thoughts shared by Neil, questions asked or doubts extended have met wonderful answers, ideas and possible solutions that will make the world much better a place to live. The idea shared by Neil, for an instance, is quite an eye-opener if we see the world as one.

“From birth to death, you come across multiple characters in the form of parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, and strangers. What’s your strategy here?”

The enlightened being, Neil’s soul, details the process of detachment that is necessary in order to lead oneself through this period called life. Neil’s soul explains the process of a game where a skilled player doesn’t bother too much about the ongoing circumstances and just keeps his focus on the target – the next level. And the same can be found in Bhagavad Gita as well, we have to live our lives but not to be indulged in things that might confuse us or delude us. And Indian readers who have the knowledge of spiritual tenets will certainly appreciate Neil David Chan’s way of describing the necessary detachment here.

I found the book not only interesting but also enlightening and compelling in a way that it stresses the need for introspection, self-awareness and self-analysis – what are we doing with our lives? Neil has explored various issues and ideas with his own inner-self, the higher being or the soul as we say. While it might sound bewildering to many readers, the author has given some serious issues to think that we cannot imagine… and it certainly gives wind to the fire that Neil has tried to escalate – we can talk to our own soul. In India, the soul is considered to be a part of Parmeshwar or super soul. And we very much believe in the fact that body and soul are two different beings. The soul is universal and detached, the body is mortal. Neil emphasises the same. He reiterates, several times, that one should cater to the soul and not to the body or mind.

A Higher Conversation will be a wonderful read for many readers who believe in spiritual ideas. Neil’s work is practical and also viable. It does not block the readers’ vision with hard arguments that contain words that might negate someone’s ambition. Neil David Chan believes in something and he believes that others might also achieve the same… do read the book and you can find it for yourself.

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Review by Smriti for The Book Blog

A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Review
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A must-read spiritual book… you will surely enjoy it!

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