Greed, Lust, Addiction by Ravi Dabral – Review

The novel Greed, Lust, Addiction by Ravi Dabral is a fiction package that delivers things in a proper proportion to the readers without getting them bored or letting them feel a situation of unbalanced circumstances. The characters are more or less realistic. Vijay drives the story far enough and that’s why the introduction of Suraj in a new form becomes easy for the novelist. The theme is broadly connected to the real issues that we face as common citizens in the present times – corruption, well-being, how-tos and also the larger pursuits in life.

Are material demands not a part of our life? The answer is yes. However, are the material demands only a part of our life? The answer is no and this is what the novelist, in his debut fiction, has taken up as the core issue. Suraj is constantly pricked by his family members, his wife especially, for things of luxury and more and more money. Suraj tries to convey to them about the excesses in their demands but all in vain. On the other side of the wall, his ongoing investigation against the corrupts in politics, police and the civil society as an investigative journalist lands him in a trouble. He is believed to have died in a car crash but only to reappear as a Swami later in the story. Vijay, his younger brother, becomes a police inspector and tries to settle him in the company of corrupts – titles of the chapters in this novel are amazingly designed to reflect the tone of the content.

Greed, Lust, Addiction draws a contrast between the direct competitors – love and lust, greed and satisfaction, good politics vs bad politics, humanity vs inhumanity and so on. Author, as he hails from Uttarakhand, has also given space to the practice of Yoga, Saints, Saadhus and spirituality. The novel has come up nicely and it will certainly be an entertainer, a thriller and also a serious contemporary fiction with hints to create a better society. The idea that the author has discussed in this novel might not be new but the dealing is certainly different – the Sanyasi that the protagonist of this novel meets in Rishikesh is a learned as well as a practical man. He agrees to Suraj making a political party because he knows that country can be governed by the democratic system only.

I have enjoyed reading this novel! I believe that it will be liked by the readers of different age groups as it has something for all of us – the youths, the grown-ups, the learned and the spiritual. You can get a copy of this novel by visiting the link to Amazon shared below:

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review by Sima for The Book Blog

Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral
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Something that everyone would love reading… a novel for all with its wonderful idea and implementation of the same!

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