Life is What You Make It


Life is What You Make It is a national bestseller written by an Indian author Preeti Shenoy. Yes, the author who has made a name for herself, especially for her romantic novels which portray a different class of romance. However, this time, she came up with something even better than her standards and delivered a motivational sermon (a sort of) through the story of a courageous girl who overcomes the adverse scenario around her and veers the life from darkness to light.

Storywise, this is something about a feministic tint. In this book, she has narrated about a girl named Ankita who used to be brilliant at her studies as well as any task she used to take up. However, as usually happens in bollywood, hollywood and books, there came a drastic turn which simply changed the course of her whole life! She lost the person she loved the most! Amidst all these, her parents tried to persuade her by almost burning her past!

Could anything be done to relieve a person who has just lost the closest one? Ankita too was uncurable! She lost her reading and learning abilities. Moreover, she landed herself in a severe depression where she used to cut her wrist to find relief…
She thought that the pain she got by cutting herself is real than the phantom pain…

Six months later, depression made her a patient in a mental health hospital. It was a slow progress out there.

In a nutshell, life took away all the things that mattered to her the most but she fought back to get it all. And most importantly, she achieved it!

Life is What You Make It is a story of courage, determination and growing up as a person to mature and mature for the best. This shows us life can take a different path than what you have planned. At the same time, it also tells us that we can always get the life back to its original course! It tells us about faith, belief and perseverance.

This is a story of love, hope and how determination can overcome even destiny… In short, Life is What You Make It is a nice book by the author Preeti Shenoy that one should read.

Post_Script: The usual boyfriend girlfriend drab can be seen on several instances. However, it does seldom take out what the book offers overall. 

Review contributed by ISHA JAIN

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