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Well, did you read first and then wrote? Time to welcome Read then Wrote team!


It is a usual tendency among readers of repute that they share their opinions with other people who might share the same interest in genres, authors or book series. Since I am in the business of book blogging, I know many bloggers who often share their reviews on many different book review websites in India and even global platforms. However, this is to inform the readers, the passionate ones who really care about opinions by the experts when it comes to choosing books for weekends, genre-recommendations, bestselling but over-hyped book’s fact-based judgements and so on… you guys should check our competitors and also friends who have come up with a no-nonsense platform for book reviews – the words that matter and that only! Read then Wrote team has come up with readthenwrote.com. A website that shares very short, within 1 paragraph opinions on the books the team reads and that 1 paragraph will tell you much about the book in terms of its quality, ideal readers for the same and what you might expect once you begin reading and end it. Isn’t that wonderful? Looking for recommendations? Just open the website and you will have some… 🙂

Read then Wrote operates on a simple philosophy – readers who want quick suggestions or even general suggestions while making their choices, that shouldn’t take more time than it requires. Hey, should I read this book? Yes, you can read. But, a bit of this. But, a bit of that. And, like this. Moreover, something of that sort. Nevertheless, if you like, go for it. Hold on, a bit more. Wait, something still remaining. No, no, no! Yes.

Well, this confuses the readers more than it might enlighten their opinion about the book or whether they align with the author’s intentions and philosophy or not. If a reader can read just a hundred words or a little more, not more than 130, it will likely give them a quick tour of the book. This is what motivates the readers at Read then Wrote and this is what you can expect from them once you begin following their website. We are also curious. I am for sure! However, it does not mean that long reviews or the reviews of the kind we do, generally, are useless or have lesser importance compared to shorter versions that work as quick suggestions. The simple thing that drives the passion to work is the need of the target audience or consumers or people who expect something from you. We cater to those who might need detailed views about certain books and the RtW team will try to cater to the needs of those who want just a quick signal, may be loaded with a little literary and intellectual virtue but not too much wishy-washy jargon that spoils the things at the moment!

You can visit their website: Read then Wrote – book reviews

Also, keep reading on our website, The Book Blog. We have massive updates and major content coming soon. We have read a lot recently and we will keep decorating your reading desk with more and more wonderful titles in the coming days!


Written by Gunjan for The Book Blog

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