An Unsuitable Boy

An Unsuitable Boy…the title itself opens up the doubts and assumptions that people had about Karan Johar. And Karan openly talks about almost everything. Right from his childhood till his last movie Ae dil hai mushkil. He goes on to tell how this movie is a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. He talks about his love life and how he could not unite with the first one and how the second one is still in his life as a friend. The characters of the movie are actually connected to his life and some of the dialogues depict the truth of his love life.

There are the biographies in public domain, as well as autobiographies, which depict the so-called ‘unknown’ facts of the authors or the concerned person in the biography. We have seen the good ones like Sachin Tendulkar’s Playing it My Way as well as bad ones as Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson. In case of Karan Johar’s one, An Unsuitable Boy, it is an autobiography which, at instances, seems more like a shield which is being used by him to counter the ‘allegations’, if at all we can call those, thrown at him. One more thing that I did not like about these celebrities’ autobiographies is that they entirely forget the thing called autobiographical ethics! They go on ranting about themselves, mostly playing the victim card rather than doing an honest and unbiased introspection. Well, let’s go to the book’s content.

His childhood, as he describes, was mostly spent alone or with ladies of his house. His aunties were his friends. He was a fatty boy and so he never was there for sports. He recalls being termed as ‘pansy’. And this used to disturb him a lot at that age. He was always with girls of his school reason being they found him effeminate.
His relations with Kareena and Kajol and the reason for them being spoiled is clearly mentioned in his biography. He terms Shahrukh as his brother. He says in this book that every one us aware of his alignment. Why at all he has to shout about it. He also said that he gets emails from people cursing him and calling him as a disgrace to Indian Society.
As a reader, I feel this biography was much needed. He has broken all the barriers that shackled his personality. He has accepted himself and his personality. I feel proud of him as he has the cheek to accept and shout this out to the world. But there are people who don’t like him being so open about his preferences. Anyway, he is a Father to twins now. They and his mother are the life of this so-called AN UNSUITABLE BOY. (However, he has used surrogacy to ‘father’ himself. Well, if he had so much an urge, the better option, many people suggested, would be parenting some innocent infants who are put at the doorsteps of the temples or the orphanages, like in most of the Bollywood movies.)
Review by – Nidhi Sharma (with some portions inserted by the editor)
An Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar
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You can give the book a read to know some of the egos of Karan Johar as well as knowing some lesser known facts about him.

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