Sachin Tendulkar on Pages: Playing it My Way – Review

Though Sachin does not need any introduction, his book does need a review. I have been a fan of Sachin Tendulkar all my life and will never be able to accept any other cricketer as my ideal. Sachin was the best batsman in the world and he continues to be so. He stands on a heap of records that will seldom be broken by any player in the near or distant future. His book, partly written by him and partly by Boria Mazumdar, Playing it My Way was published in the year 2014 and the book broke many records just after the publication… and, even before the publication. The craze for Sachin among his fans is unparalleled and we can see it on display on many occasions. His birthday, a day of importance in his career, his debut day or his last day on the cricket pitch.

Playing it My Way, though the fans hoped for more information outside the field, could not offer too much into the life of this master batsman. We only got to know how he first met Anjali, how did he woo her and how they got married. However, the book has plenty to rejoice as the title relives some of the most memorable moments of Tendulkar with a bat in his hand. Yes, one more thing, if you read the book carefully and reach the conclusion, you will find that many pages have been decorated with the records of Tendulkar – which, I think, might be unnecessary altogether as we all know his records, mostly by heart!

The book does justify some of the aspirations that we all had… it will help the readers who could not watch the memorable inning by Sachin. You can feel the events happening in front of your eyes. You can visualise them… However, I will reiterate that this is neither the biography nor the autobiography of this great batsman. More and more I read it, it seemed like a book written in haste to capture the momentum of events. Yes, Sachin later did come up with an autobiography and that might the piece of literature doing justice with the life events of Tendulkar.

Playing it My Way is more like a tribute to the great achievements of Tendulkar. It might be troublesome looking for all in one place on the internet and there the book will come to your rescue. However, if you are looking for the family man Sachin, husband Sachin, father Sachin… you might need to get a copy of the other one – Sachin’s Autobiography. All the best!


Review by The Book Blog Contributor

The Great Indian Bust: A Coming of Age Fiction – Review

Rishabh Bhatnagar’s novel The Great Indian Bust: A Coming of Age Fiction was read by our blogger Akash recently and he has offered his review and opinions about the experience with this emerging novelist’s attempt at writing a personal, subjective and yet effective piece of fiction. You can read the review below and also find the link to buy this novel from Amazon at the end of the review. We hope you will enjoy it.

This is the recent development that I am tracing. The Great Indian Bust: A Coming of Age Fiction suffix added to it proves that the author is not keeping his readers under any false impressions. He has given it out outrightly that his novel is about someone growing – in the terms of age as well as in the domain of intellect and understanding. So, the first point scored by Rishabh at the very first impression. Well, let me introduce you to the guy himself – Rishabh Bhatnagar, the novelist, is a young law student and he wants to write ‘different’ and he has done it, to a very great extent.

In terms of content, the novel is simple, easy to understand and very easy to read and even easier to enjoy. You should not have any difficulties getting the numbers right on a jumbled number box. There are no elements of secrecy or hidden agendas in the work. It is about the life of a young man named Sidhartha who represents the author himself and a large part of the novel matches with the life of Rishabh himself. So, you can even call it a partial autobiography and it would not be wrong.

There is a very simple and like a straight line plot in the novel and the major program is to trace the development of life around and inside the protagonist. However, within this limited scenario, there are instances that will give the readers their chance to laugh, think and even get angry and sad. Well, who might not want this? Complex things are rather kept out of the plot and there is no place for crooked impressions because the author wants to offer the readers something to keep them out of ‘worries and life’s boredom’. He might have succeeded as well!

About his childhood, about his younger friends, about his school life, about his coaching classes, about his scooter, about his friends smoking around him, the abuses… you will find many things in the novel that may relate to anyone’s early days… the novel is simple and its simplicity is the thing that can make the readers a part of it. This is something to be appreciated. However, there are also some low points in the novel. In fact, the biggest absence is of an agenda that binds your things together. There is nothing of that sort offered in The Great Indian Bust and this will haunt some of the readers because they will spend a few important hours of their lives wrestling with this text… However, if you are a serious reader, you can wrest what you want out of any text!

Get a copy of this ‘different’ piece of fiction from Amazon India in Kindle version and read it out to find your things yourself. I am rating it 3.3/5 and I am sure I am doing justice with my critique as well as the novelist’s attempt. Get a copy here:

buy the novel – Amazon India

review by Akash for The Book Blog

(NOTE: Many of the best book review websites in India have also rated this novel very favourably. The work is indeed different and it does succeed in creating a different domain around it. So, you should read it before you judge it by the impressions. All the best!)

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Review

Lal Bhatia’s recently launched autobiography, Indicting Goliath, has set the stage for a debate. Is the USA really as sophisticated as it advertises itself? And, on the humanitarian grounds, should we trust people so early? Lal Bhatia erred in making friends with a crony capitalist in the US – Mr Wig, and he had to suffer the consequences of it. Indicting Goliath, to me, seemed like a handbook on the US hypocrisy and also a lesson to the budding corporate biggies and business magnates – please don’t over-exert yourself in a task where the chances of return are but negligible.

Coming to the author, Lal Bhatia is an Indian by origin and was granted a permanent citizenship of the US long ago. However, despite being liked and appreciated by most of his colleagues and even the authorities, he had to suffer imprisonment (a long one) just because he tried to expose an ongoing case of corruption – money laundering which involved several corrupt people and a gang or rather nexus of them.

Lal writes on page 218 of his book:

“And on June 1, 2017 and again on June 23, 2017, twice, “Goliath,” through its attorney, Bobbie C. Masters, recognized: I had “been physically, economically, and mentally tortured, persecuted and victimized, including, falsely charged, indicted, convicted, and incarcerated because in pursuing Wig and others prosecution I sought to publicly expose the specific money laundering crimes.”

All the statements that Lal Bhatia has used in his book Indicting Goliath against the concerned persons and the United States can be found online on the Justice Department website, USA. Moreover, since the judges and attornies have taken into consideration and acknowledge the same, the questions that the author has raised in his autobiography are all valid!

Lal’s book, critically, finds its base on the history fo Bank of Commerce and Credit International (closed notoriously for illegal acts) and also the history of a few individuals who were involved in the racket he exposes in this book robs-off. Divided into two parts hence, one is for the background and another for the story of Lal Bhatia. There are many stunning details in the book which puts the USA prison norms into the interrogation box. Torture without the crime proven? Behaving like animals with a criminal even if he is not yet proven to be so?

As a citizen of India, the book does hound me as well gives me extreme pride that the person being talked about could get himself out and today he is trying to expose everything! Kudos to the author! To the readers, I would say please read this book to receive your new hero – Lal Bhatia! He has finally indicted the Goliath and is ready to take the battle to the next level.

Get your copy from the link below:

Buy the book from Amazon India – click here

review by a contributor to The Book Blog

An Unsuitable Boy

An Unsuitable Boy…the title itself opens up the doubts and assumptions that people had about Karan Johar. And Karan openly talks about almost everything. Right from his childhood till his last movie Ae dil hai mushkil. He goes on to tell how this movie is a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. He talks about his love life and how he could not unite with the first one and how the second one is still in his life as a friend. The characters of the movie are actually connected to his life and some of the dialogues depict the truth of his love life.

There are the biographies in public domain, as well as autobiographies, which depict the so-called ‘unknown’ facts of the authors or the concerned person in the biography. We have seen the good ones like Sachin Tendulkar’s Playing it My Way as well as bad ones as Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson. In case of Karan Johar’s one, An Unsuitable Boy, it is an autobiography which, at instances, seems more like a shield which is being used by him to counter the ‘allegations’, if at all we can call those, thrown at him. One more thing that I did not like about these celebrities’ autobiographies is that they entirely forget the thing called autobiographical ethics! They go on ranting about themselves, mostly playing the victim card rather than doing an honest and unbiased introspection. Well, let’s go to the book’s content.

His childhood, as he describes, was mostly spent alone or with ladies of his house. His aunties were his friends. He was a fatty boy and so he never was there for sports. He recalls being termed as ‘pansy’. And this used to disturb him a lot at that age. He was always with girls of his school reason being they found him effeminate.
His relations with Kareena and Kajol and the reason for them being spoiled is clearly mentioned in his biography. He terms Shahrukh as his brother. He says in this book that every one us aware of his alignment. Why at all he has to shout about it. He also said that he gets emails from people cursing him and calling him as a disgrace to Indian Society.
As a reader, I feel this biography was much needed. He has broken all the barriers that shackled his personality. He has accepted himself and his personality. I feel proud of him as he has the cheek to accept and shout this out to the world. But there are people who don’t like him being so open about his preferences. Anyway, he is a Father to twins now. They and his mother are the life of this so-called AN UNSUITABLE BOY. (However, he has used surrogacy to ‘father’ himself. Well, if he had so much an urge, the better option, many people suggested, would be parenting some innocent infants who are put at the doorsteps of the temples or the orphanages, like in most of the Bollywood movies.)
Review by – Nidhi Sharma (with some portions inserted by the editor)