Sachin Tendulkar on Pages: Playing it My Way – Review

Though Sachin does not need any introduction, his book does need a review. I have been a fan of Sachin Tendulkar all my life and will never be able to accept any other cricketer as my ideal. Sachin was the best batsman in the world and he continues to be so. He stands on a heap of records that will seldom be broken by any player in the near or distant future. His book, partly written by him and partly

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The Great Indian Bust: A Coming of Age Fiction – Review

Rishabh Bhatnagar’s novel The Great Indian Bust: A Coming of Age Fiction was read by our blogger Akash recently and he has offered his review and opinions about the experience with this emerging novelist’s attempt at writing a personal, subjective and yet effective piece of fiction. You can read the review below and also find the link to buy this novel from Amazon at the end of the review. We hope you will enjoy it. This is the recent development

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Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Review

Lal Bhatia’s recently launched autobiography, Indicting Goliath, has set the stage for a debate. Is the USA really as sophisticated as it advertises itself? And, on the humanitarian grounds, should we trust people so early? Lal Bhatia erred in making friends with a crony capitalist in the US – Mr Wig, and he had to suffer the consequences of it. Indicting Goliath, to me, seemed like a handbook on the US hypocrisy and also a lesson to the budding corporate

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An Unsuitable Boy

An Unsuitable Boy…the title itself opens up the doubts and assumptions that people had about Karan Johar. And Karan openly talks about almost everything. Right from his childhood till his last movie Ae dil hai mushkil. He goes on to tell how this movie is a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. He talks about his love life and how he could not unite with the first one and how the second one is still in his life as a

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