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Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life – Aparna Tulpule – Review


Aparna Tulpule’s part-academic book, Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life, has been an overall better experience than many of the recent fiction books I have read this year. I read this book recently and here is my review for the same. At the outset, be sure that the book is for those readers who are interested in facts, assumptions and academic opinions as well.

About 200 pages and more than 10 chapters, 14 to give an accurate number, the book takes the readers through various concepts related to logical thinking. It takes many chapters to explain the concept of syllogism of various kinds, statements of various kinds, assumptions of various kinds, ideas and hypotheses and many others concepts that go on together to construct a set of logic. I may not be very appropriate enough to be understood – but the book is written in simple language with simple examples that will make the readers understand these topics conveniently.

There are detailed explanations on the dilemma, alternative, conjunction and many other things that we know in general but not so well enough. Aparna Tulpule has made these concepts easy to be understood. Her book, to be honest, is not entirely academic and not entirely a leisure read. This is a book in-between that will be useful for any reader who finds it interesting. Yes, there are many uses for the readers who are still into academic pursuits or preparing for examinations that ask logical reasoning questions.

Throughout the book, readers will find many examples that will interest them. By these examples, the author has ensured that whatever the readers learn as new is seen in action instantly and the learning is stamped as complete because we seldom forget examples. Overall, with a list of bibliography as well, the book Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life was interesting as well as a learning experience for me.

I am not sure whether I should recommend this book for everyone or not. Some of the readers might find it difficult to complete because of their interests. So, the readers who are interested in knowing our conversations in detail – logical statement, statement of various kinds, imagination, fallacies, kinds of truth, truth relations and so on… are you ready to go through the depths of these things? If yes, do read this book. If not, you can simply skip and find some better one as per your interest.

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Review by Guddu for The Book Blog

Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life

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  • Simple
  • Author Expertise in Subject
  • Examples


  • Too academic at times
  • Not for casual readers

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