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USAma (2nd edition): Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? Amit Bagaria – Review


USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? 

This is the title of a very popular book, and also a much-debated one, written by famous non-fiction author from India, Amit Bagaria. The author has written this book with a pre-occupied and pre-conceived notion that USA is more a sinister entity than Osama Bin Laden or many deadly terror organisations in the world. It’s shocking, isn’t it? However, I had to read the book so that I could tell the readers of The Book Blog whether they will have an interesting read or not. So, here is my review for this book by Amit, one of the most famous non-fiction Indian authors today. 

Content at a glance: 

The book has many chapters and all the chapters are largely based on the interventions, infiltrations and black ops by the CIA of the United States of America. These chapters will tell the readers about the harm that the USA has brought for the world by its innuendos and whimsical activities to dismantle, bully and harass other nations. Ambitious America has done, always, what it wanted to do on different points of time and, according to the author, USA World Trade Centre attack is an example of that conspiracy theory which Amit Bagaria has once again tossed up in his book. So, was it the USA behind these attacks just to grab the one-hold on oil treasures? Debatable… 

Moreover, the author has also hinted at many of the instances of unsolicited infiltration in other countries’ affairs by the USA through its notorious CIA assets. America, from time to time, according to the author, has subverted the ethics of intelligence gathering and it has also instilled the fear in the nations by flexing its armed muscles time and again. Be it the Hiroshima or be it the Vietnam war, America has bullied the nations just to show how powerful the country has become – was this what Abraham Lincoln may have dreamt of? There are many points by which Amit Bagaria tries to drive his ideas home and let the readers have a glimpse into his thinkings. And I am sure that the readers will like the content. And also, there are many book review websites in India that have praised the book for many qualities it has and also highlighted the few shortcomings that could have been avoided to further widen the reach of this meaningful piece of literature. 

The writing: 

The book has been written in very simple English and the author has further made it easy for the readers to read and understand this book by using a super-easy designed narrative. Tell the readers chapter by chapter what I think – the author has used this strategy and it has paid off very well. It connects to the readers and their questions and curiosities about the USA. Moreover, language has been kept at an elementary level so that any reader – whether a kid, a student or an adult – with an interest in the USA policies can take benefits of the book to get some really rare information and many ideas related to the topic. 


I would have really been enthralled by this book and overwhelmed but could not be so much overdriven by my emotional euphoria because the author hasn’t thought it necessary to add a list of primary or secondary sources for the claims that he has made in the book. Yes, there are conspiracy theories and on the basis of that, the author has given a systematic observation and his opinions. However, just on the basis of observation and opinions, it becomes a little difficult for serious readers to believe all the claims that the author has made in his book USAma. Still, there are many things that a reader will find in this quality and logical non-fiction title. Amit Bagaria has done a commendable job and he has made it possible that any readers with an interest in global politics can read his book and benefit his understanding of the events and their connections in the long and short run. 

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review by Subhash for The Book Blog 

USAma (2nd edition): Is USA the World's Largest Terrorist?

149 Rs



Ease of Reading


Facts & Presentation & Analysis


Expertise of the Authors in the Subject


Overall Impact



  • Logical analysis of the issues
  • Generally, factual arguments have been extended
  • Interesting and gripping for those interested in global politics


  • Readers for such literature are limited
  • There was room for better content with proper references on some occasions

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