23rd June 2169: will Ztocmi be able to put Earth Resort into the orbit? Review

There are many books on my reading table at present. However, choosing among them becomes tough at times as I have to find the best one to suit my mood for the moment. Recently, I had an idea of reading good science fiction by any Indian novelist and luckily enough, I got one sent to me by one of my reader friends – written by Gajender Sharma, 23rd June 2169: Will Ztocmi be able to put Earth Resort into the orbit?

This is a futuristic science fiction novel that gives the readers an idea about the future that might be looming on us. However, largely, his ideas are only positive ones and also the hopeful ones. Moreover, the novel follows a very simple plot that does not have too many twists only until the ending arrives at the scene. Ztocmi is a leading scientist on the earth and his fame has crossed the planet and he is well-known among the scientists and leaders on the Moon and the Mars. Yes, people have begun living on these two celestial bodies as well. He is assisted in the project earth resort by his team of scientists from the earth, from the moon and also from the mars. However, the most essential companion that he has is Zoi, a woman who is known as the most intelligent woman on the earth in the 2160s.

The novel moves very naturally and we all (as the readers) navigate through various scientific wonders on the earth and other planets. Space travel seems to have become very easy as Ztocmi does not take more than a few hours in navigating between planets and the Moon. Moreover, his own facilities provided by the world and planet leaders are not lesser compared to wonders and imagination of today – the 21st century. His car can fly and talk; his car can understand the thoughts and needs of Ztocmi. The house that he has got is equally equipped with many facilities and the most noteworthy among those is the capacity to fly if needed.

The concept of a society that is shared between artificial intelligence and human beings seems pleasant from a distance but it does raise many questions if you care to look from a close distance. The robots have begun to think about decorating themselves with human tendencies and human beings are loaded with the powers and qualities that we often find in the robots. Is that okay?

Now I would like to share my opinions about the novel itself, in its technical details. I am sure that the ones among the leading book reviewers in India will take a note of this one and they will highlight their own merits and demerits in the book. Well, the novel has been written in a very simple language that makes the reading experience smooth and pretty easy. However, the themes that the novel takes up are wide in nature. The conclusion will take the readers by surprise and it will raise many questions on the beliefs that we have been having for many centuries. The plot could have been a little subtle and it could have accommodated many other essential elements that a science fiction novel should generally have. Still, it is good to read such a novel and I would certainly recommend this to the readers of The Book Blog who believe in the power of science fiction. All the best!

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Review by Aditya for The Book Blog

23rd June 2169: will Ztocmi be able to put Earth Resort into the orbit?
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A book that is for the science fiction readers at large… something that you would like to read and read thoroughly…

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