What do young readers read? Surveys show surprising facts!

Exploring the Reading Habits of Young Readers: Insights from Recent Surveys     We can all agree that reading plays a massive role in shaping young readers’ mental and emotional growth. But hey, here’s the thing – the books they’re into can sometimes stir up some serious discussions among the grown-ups. Why? It’s all about caring for the next generation and keeping tabs on their development. And let’s face it, we all want to stay in the loop, right?   Academicians

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Literature student? You can be a good book critic (if you want)

I have been a book critic for more than 10 years now. In these long years of experience, I came across many authors, many kinds of books and many types of criticism from those authors. The experiences have always been varied. It did never feel like an easy task! However, it has been fun, fabulous, and always an addition to learning a new intellectual exercise. I love what I do. And I have a suggestion, if you have studied literature

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Well, did you read first and then wrote? Time to welcome Read then Wrote team!

It is a usual tendency among readers of repute that they share their opinions with other people who might share the same interest in genres, authors or book series. Since I am in the business of book blogging, I know many bloggers who often share their reviews on many different book review websites in India and even global platforms. However, this is to inform the readers, the passionate ones who really care about opinions by the experts when it comes

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Aurijit Ganguli – knocking the doors of myth & history with The Shambala Sutras

Whether it’s the inspiration by a few famous novelists or not, Indian English novelists have been trying their best to offer the massive reader base the fiction that takes them close to history, different hidden timelines of history and also the myth that we all love in many different versions – something that intrigues and something that entertains the readers more than any other thing could possibly do. Aurijit Ganguli, an author born in Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) and travelled extensively

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5 Classics kids should read or their parents should recite to them

Reading classics is not a prerogative limited to people with intellectual growth only. Classic literature is a treasure that should be open for all and it is, indeed. However, when it comes to picking up classic books for kids, there is a lot of confusion that we create around ourselves unnecessarily. Why do we do so? Why cannot we pick up the best classic books that our kids should read or the parents can read it to them during their

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Do you have a story? Get it published!

We have witnessed many changes in recent years in many industries. For many of us, it is the mobile industry that has dramatically evolved and for many of us who are readers, writers and literary enthusiasts, the publishing industry has moved to the next level. In India, more than 100s of novels are launched every month and we see the number only increasing day by day. People have really turned it up when it comes to publishing. With the rise

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