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A Thousand Seeds of Joy – Review


So, I was just wondering how could a common wife of five men, the Pandavas, Draupadi be considered one of the Panchkanyas that spiritually and religiously connected people know. I was always having the curiosity to know further and then I got to know it from Goddess herself – Lakshmi Ji. Well, the question must come. Where did I get to know it from the Goddess and when? How? Why?

A Thousand Seeds of Joy is a book that I came across recently and it has been penned by Ananda Karunesh, a person who felt his awakening first at the age of 19. His book, in fact, is a conversation that the author had with two Goddesses – Saraswati and Lakshmi and I read the same. There are many secrets that I could learn and understand by reading that book and I won’t be a fool by keeping those pleasant moments to myself! Go for this interesting book guys!

At first, for a rational person like me, it was indeed difficult to believe what I was seeing in front of my eyes. It took me a few hours to digest what I read in the very preface. After reading the chapters, 1, 2 and then 3, I realised that the conversation is indeed serious and something which is interesting as well as above the humane – above the level of our daily discourse and then I gave it a read. Chapter after chapter, I kept reading and out of curiosity to know what did the Goddesses reveal, I kept reading until I saw the last page of the book which ends with the endnote number 26 defining divine feminine.

Now, let me share what I feel of this book A Thousand Seeds of Joy. I won’t exaggerate but I do feel the need to do so because I just love this book! It begins and ends but not in proper order so one needs to start reading this book with basic preparations. You have to be aware of the basic concepts related to different sects of religious beliefs. There are seven parts in the book and each has its purpose. For example, the interesting facts that I learnt about Draupadi came from the part called The Feminine Wisdom of Mahabharata. Likewise, there are other six parts which talk about different things.

The most exciting thing throughout a reader’s journey into the depth of this conversation must be the part that he or she is reading a conversation featuring Goddesses! Goddesses are talking to a human being and what else can be more interesting than this?

So, my dear reader friends, stop reading whatever you are reading now and give this book a try first! You will surely like what I just finished! You can get a copy from Amazon and do share the copy with other readers if you like the book… let the good thoughts and words of wisdom spread! All the best!

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A Thousand Seeds of Joy - Review
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There is nothing that you can find as a fault… it’s an ocean of a pleasing but serious and deep conversation with Goddesses and you just have to enjoy it!

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