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Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Review


Lal Bhatia’s recently launched autobiography, Indicting Goliath, has set the stage for a debate. Is the USA really as sophisticated as it advertises itself? And, on the humanitarian grounds, should we trust people so early? Lal Bhatia erred in making friends with a crony capitalist in the US – Mr Wig, and he had to suffer the consequences of it. Indicting Goliath, to me, seemed like a handbook on the US hypocrisy and also a lesson to the budding corporate biggies and business magnates – please don’t over-exert yourself in a task where the chances of return are but negligible.

Coming to the author, Lal Bhatia is an Indian by origin and was granted a permanent citizenship of the US long ago. However, despite being liked and appreciated by most of his colleagues and even the authorities, he had to suffer imprisonment (a long one) just because he tried to expose an ongoing case of corruption – money laundering which involved several corrupt people and a gang or rather nexus of them.

Lal writes on page 218 of his book:

“And on June 1, 2017 and again on June 23, 2017, twice, “Goliath,” through its attorney, Bobbie C. Masters, recognized: I had “been physically, economically, and mentally tortured, persecuted and victimized, including, falsely charged, indicted, convicted, and incarcerated because in pursuing Wig and others prosecution I sought to publicly expose the specific money laundering crimes.”

All the statements that Lal Bhatia has used in his book Indicting Goliath against the concerned persons and the United States can be found online on the Justice Department website, USA. Moreover, since the judges and attornies have taken into consideration and acknowledge the same, the questions that the author has raised in his autobiography are all valid!

Lal’s book, critically, finds its base on the history fo Bank of Commerce and Credit International (closed notoriously for illegal acts) and also the history of a few individuals who were involved in the racket he exposes in this book robs-off. Divided into two parts hence, one is for the background and another for the story of Lal Bhatia. There are many stunning details in the book which puts the USA prison norms into the interrogation box. Torture without the crime proven? Behaving like animals with a criminal even if he is not yet proven to be so?

As a citizen of India, the book does hound me as well gives me extreme pride that the person being talked about could get himself out and today he is trying to expose everything! Kudos to the author! To the readers, I would say please read this book to receive your new hero – Lal Bhatia! He has finally indicted the Goliath and is ready to take the battle to the next level.

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Indicting Goliath
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We rate it high for the factual consistency. Whatever has been claimed in the book has been validated with the data and facts!


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