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5 Classics kids should read or their parents should recite to them


Reading classics is not a prerogative limited to people with intellectual growth only. Classic literature is a treasure that should be open for all and it is, indeed. However, when it comes to picking up classic books for kids, there is a lot of confusion that we create around ourselves unnecessarily. Why do we do so? Why cannot we pick up the best classic books that our kids should read or the parents can read it to them during their bedtime? Is it that difficult? Certainly not! We create difficulties for ourselves because we don’t understand how books function. Yes, like everything has its specific qualities and a way of functioning, the books have it as well. Today, I will tell the readers of The Book Blog about the 5 best classics that their kids should read. Please be sure while there is no upper or lower age limit to read classics, there is certainly an ideal age when a person should indulge in reading classics by himself or herself. If you want to understand more on when you should let your children enjoy the classics the way they want, you can read this article by Indian Book Critics: What age to read classic books?

In this article, we are writing about 5 best classic children literature books that every kid should read. So, the reading level is really children-friendly and they will love reading these books. They will also learn many things by reading these books. Here goes our list:

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: Well, when it comes to children’s classics, many readers would certainly point out in this direction without thinking too much. This is natural because this book is not only rich in fantasy but also an ideal piece of literature in terms of acquainting the kids with values in life. There are animals who form a big chunk of the mainstream characters in the novel and that becomes even better for the kids to enjoy their time with the book. Are you ready for the adventure? Do give your children this wonderful book.
  2. Malgudi Days by R. K. Narayan: With so many talks about Swadesh and Swadeshi is going on around us, I thought nothing better than recommending this book to children with a literary appetite. Malgudi Days is a collection of short stories written by one of the most reputed novelists in India, R. K. Narayan. This work contains many short stories that contain, in turn, many lessons for life our kids can learn by reading this book. This is not only a classic but also a cult which became very famous when a TV serial was made on this book and telecasted on Doordarshan. Make sure you add this book to the list of books for kids.
  3. The Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond: The Cherry Tree is a wonderful short fiction piece written by one of the most celebrated Indian authors, Ruskin Bond. The book also contains illustrations that the kids will like a lot. This book will not only entertain the kids but also imbibe the values and ideas in them which will help them with many things in their life ahead. A must-read book that should be read by the kids… written in a simple language, the book can be understood by anyone having an understanding of the English language.
  4. Amar Chitra Katha Books: How can you forget this publisher? They have been serving the cause of children in India in educating them about the great history that we had. You can offer your children the best experience in learning about Ramayan, Mahabharat and also our heroes from the past. Grab your copies and give your kids the best experience of reading classics.
  5. Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare: Though this is one level ahead. Why don’t give your kids (the future readers) a taste of Shakespeare right from the beginning? Lambs Tales from Shakespeare are the short and simplified version of plays by Shakespeare’s greatest writings for the stage. Be it Macbeth’s ambition or Hamlet’s dilemma or the romantic comedy in As You Like It, your kids will love these stories. Why are you waiting? Your kids will love this experience.

So, guys, these were the 5 books that I have picked for the kids. They have the right to read the best literature right from the beginning. Give them a taste of classics and they will thank you later in their lives when they understand what did you do for their intellectual and emotional development very early in their days. All the best!


by a contributor for The Book Blog

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