Aurijit Ganguli – knocking the doors of myth & history with The Shambala Sutras

Whether it’s the inspiration by a few famous novelists or not, Indian English novelists have been trying their best to offer the massive reader base the fiction that takes them close to history, different hidden timelines of history and also the myth that we all love in many different versions – something that intrigues and something that entertains the readers more than any other thing could possibly do. Aurijit Ganguli, an author born in Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) and travelled extensively to many countries, has finally realised his inner calling for the creation of fiction and he has come up with a novel – The Shambala Sutras. Shambala is something which has always fascinated people because of various myths & history & curiosity around it. Aurijit Ganguli, who loves the style of Ashwin Sanghi as a novelist, has modelled his fiction around the myths but his artistic bend takes his writing to the level where he had been successful in making his debut novel a one-way street where you enter to come out on ‘that side’ only – you cannot put the novel down unless you finish it.

To understand the writing style of Aurijit Ganguli, one would certainly have to read the novel and find out the dots and connect them. However, based on his artistic vision and his choice of theme, subject and idea for the debut novel and also on the basis of his literary philosophy, there are the things that we can certainly assume. Aurijit, as an author, believes in emotional, intellectual and pleasure quotients in the readers and he tries to deliver the same to his audience through his writings.

Brought up in a Bengali family, as you could imagine, Aurijit was introduced to books, literature and intellectual space from an early age and his interest did not lose so much even after his life changed. Born in 1966, Aurijit did his schooling in Kolkata and completed his engineering degree from the University of Calcutta in 1989. He worked almost for a decade in engineering industry before switching to the IT industry and since then, he had been active with leading companies working majorly in the North American region. However, one thing was with him all the time – his interest in literature and his calling for something that he could not pay attention to until the publication of The Shambala Sutras in the year 2020, May.

Aurijit has done extensive research for his novel and he wanted to make it entertaining as well as realistic as much as possible. The readers will certainly find the extensive work that the novelist has done for this novel. Moreover, the art of fiction has been so subtle that the threading cannot be seen with bare eyes of the readers unless you are a critic or an extensive reader of contemporary fiction.

Aurijit’s fictional philosophy and his art of writing novels will be tested in the long run as he continues producing more novels. Nevertheless, the first one seems promising and readers must have expectations from the novelist for more to come in future. You can know more about the author by visiting the official website –


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