Aurijit Ganguli – knocking the doors of myth & history with The Shambala Sutras

Whether it’s the inspiration by a few famous novelists or not, Indian English novelists have been trying their best to offer the massive reader base the fiction that takes them close to history, different hidden timelines of history and also the myth that we all love in many different versions – something that intrigues and something that entertains the readers more than any other thing could possibly do. Aurijit Ganguli, an author born in Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) and travelled extensively to many countries, has finally realised his inner calling for the creation of fiction and he has come up with a novel – The Shambala Sutras. Shambala is something which has always fascinated people because of various myths & history & curiosity around it. Aurijit Ganguli, who loves the style of Ashwin Sanghi as a novelist, has modelled his fiction around the myths but his artistic bend takes his writing to the level where he had been successful in making his debut novel a one-way street where you enter to come out on ‘that side’ only – you cannot put the novel down unless you finish it.

To understand the writing style of Aurijit Ganguli, one would certainly have to read the novel and find out the dots and connect them. However, based on his artistic vision and his choice of theme, subject and idea for the debut novel and also on the basis of his literary philosophy, there are the things that we can certainly assume. Aurijit, as an author, believes in emotional, intellectual and pleasure quotients in the readers and he tries to deliver the same to his audience through his writings.

Brought up in a Bengali family, as you could imagine, Aurijit was introduced to books, literature and intellectual space from an early age and his interest did not lose so much even after his life changed. Born in 1966, Aurijit did his schooling in Kolkata and completed his engineering degree from the University of Calcutta in 1989. He worked almost for a decade in engineering industry before switching to the IT industry and since then, he had been active with leading companies working majorly in the North American region. However, one thing was with him all the time – his interest in literature and his calling for something that he could not pay attention to until the publication of The Shambala Sutras in the year 2020, May.

Aurijit has done extensive research for his novel and he wanted to make it entertaining as well as realistic as much as possible. The readers will certainly find the extensive work that the novelist has done for this novel. Moreover, the art of fiction has been so subtle that the threading cannot be seen with bare eyes of the readers unless you are a critic or an extensive reader of contemporary fiction.

Aurijit’s fictional philosophy and his art of writing novels will be tested in the long run as he continues producing more novels. Nevertheless, the first one seems promising and readers must have expectations from the novelist for more to come in future. You can know more about the author by visiting the official website –


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What should your ideal reading target be for a month?

Readers have often written to us asking for a reading schedule, a reading list, a reading guide and sometimes, surprisingly, even a reading target – weekly, monthly and yearly as well. Lovely readers, reading target is something that only you can make and what we can do is, we can surely guide you to recognise your reading habits and create a realistic and achievable target on the basis of your findings. Are you ready? Let’s discuss today how can you create your reading target and pursue it so that you can make another target after the completion of your debut one… ready? Let’s get it started!

How much time do you have? This is the first question that you should ask yourself before you plan to create any kind of reading target for yourself. Time is an important and time is what we all require to do anything – minor or major. So, depending on how much do you have for reading, you will move to the next logical step.

What kind of a reader you are? Well, there is the only kind of reader – someone who reads. Nevertheless, when it comes to defining your reading schedule, target or lists, you need to be very specific with the genres that appear on your priority list at the top and the genres which take the concluding positions. So, it is simple. If you are a non-fiction guy, novel-wanderer or a poetry-lover… this will be identified by your introspection. Once you identify your reading inclination, you can move to the next logical step.

Are you going to further your inclination or coming out of your comfort zone? Well, once you decide what kind of a reader you are, you will be making your list of books, on the basis of the time that you have and the likes and dislikes on a certain scale. However, you should make sure that you alter your lists from time to time to make room for books that you read often and the books that you don’t read often. It will ensure that the reader in your get the proper treatment over time and you don’t stick to a certain genre and grow hatred or uneasiness for a genre. So, go for variety and vividity to keep the true reader alive!

And at last, this is a pro tip – challenge yourself. Once you start challenging yourself with targets, you will begin to take your reading lists seriously. For example, take a 100-page novella and ask yourself whether you can finish it on a Sunday or not. Challenge yourself and you will do it, I am sure. I have done it as well, on many occasions. You are your biggest competitor and you know that.

Ready? Make sure the very list that you make for this month (or any month in the future) is wonderful and you are really in a position to enjoy your reading hours. For that, you can simply go to Amazon India and buy the books that you love or you have decided to read. Here is the direct like to the book page on Amazon:

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5 New & Old Non-fiction Books You Must Read on Truth, Spirituality & Search for God – A List

The title of this article is quite lucrative, isn’t it? Books you must read if you want to find God, truth or understand spirituality. Who doesn’t want at least one of these things mentioned above? Everybody is looking for truth and also God, in most of the cases. However, some people go on the path of the few by rejecting the whole world and choosing isolation while many others choose the path of the commons, living within the society and reading quality literature on various topics and trying their best to understand the whole concept of truth, God and spirituality, religion and other related aspects. Which is the best, I cannot say. However, if you are one of the latter kind of people, I do have a list of books that will surely be interesting for you. Here are 5 books that you must read if you are looking for spiritual insights, truth and God…


Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously by Osho: This book might be a little weird if you concentrate on the title only. However, once you start reading the book, you will realise that Osho has done quite a fabulous job by writing this piece. The joy that we get by living dangerously is the pleasure that we can extract from life by living without any obligation to our worries, concerns (the unnecessary ones) and burdens. The book is about unlearning and becoming a free person who tries to live in the present and realises the most actual practical truth. So, this book is all about the truth that we seek… the immediate truth… the practical truth. Are you ready to seek your truth?

Death; An Inside Story by Sadhguru: This is, perhaps, literally giving away the topic in the title itself. However, once you start reading the book and get deeper into the contents, you will realise that the book by Sadhguru, one of the few mystics who command massive respect, has much to offer on the subjects other than death – the life itself being prominent. This is a book which is meant to be read by the readers who think that death is bad or death has some wrong connotations or death should not be a part of life. Read this book to know more about many concepts around death and also realise the truth that death is.

The Concept of ‘God’ by Vinoth M: Vinoth’s book is a very practical book that takes the route of scientific inquiry into a matter which is charged rather emotionally. However, the author has created very interesting scenarios in his book with wonderful use of analogies, hypotheses and arguments. Vinoth M’s The Concept of ‘God’ is a book which should entice and entertain the readers who are interested in knowing ‘theories’ and ‘concepts’ of God rather than knowing the religious connotations or identity of God. This is a new book, not newer than Death by Sadhguru though, compared to other books on the list. You should give it a try.

Celebrating Love by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Well, what is the truth which comes immediately to your mind when you realise that you are a family person? It must be something around family, people nearby, father, mother, wife, husband, kids, brother, sister and so on… so, the matter of fact is that relationships are important in life. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s book, with a spiritually embedded watermark, discusses relationships in details and in a beautiful way so that the readers can understand it in a better way. This is an essential read if you are worried about the worldly affairs too much. You should get solace you may be seeking. 

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo: Who does not know Sri Aurobindo? Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy of mental and supermental human being, by the means of a spiritual awakening or spiritual evolution, has been mentioned in the book in details and it is also considered to be the most canonical work by the author which lays the foundation of Aurobindo’s philosophy. Published way back in 1919, the book is very popular among academicians and otherwise readers who are interested in philosophy, truth, spirituality, life and so one… are you one of those? You must read this book if yes is your answer.


So, dear readers, this was the list for the day and I am sure that you must like this if you are seeking truth in your life. You should read some or all or any of these books as per your convenience, the availability of the books and your leisure. If you are sitting home, you can read all of the books… 🙂 All the best! To buy these books, you can go to Amazon India website by clicking below and enjoy attractive offers as well. Stay safe and keep reading!

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5 Novels you should read in August 2020 – A List

Reading novels has become a favourite task for many people who have recently started taking interest in reading literature. However, with time, as they grow this interest, the lack of good or interesting literature makes the task of choosing books to read a little difficult and it might become an obstacle in the way of becoming a reader at large… are you also facing such problems? Have you found out that your reading list has come to an end and you lack more books to read? Well, it’s the time you found out the perfect place where you will get regular recommendations for your reading list and you can continue reading passionately throughout the month. This time, we are here with 5 novels that you must read in August 2020. Are you ready?

The Great Gatsby: Are you a fan of the jazz novel? You may have heard the name for the first time if you are not a fan of this American genre of fiction. The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F Scott Fitzgerald who was a hero for the readers in the 1930s and 1940s. He lived a very short life but he left behind many well-remembered novels. However, there is no match for his work The Great Gatsby even on his own list of works. This is a novel that chronicles the wild pursuits of the youths and young people in the USA in the early decades of the 20th-century when the so-called Jazz Age carnival was still in the early days. You will find mystery, suspense, love and wilderness in this novel.

Gun Island: Gun Island is the latest novel written by Indian novelist (who lives in the USA). This novel will be very familiar to the readers who have already read Amitav Ghosh’s novel The Hungry Tide. However, for the readers who are coming to the world of Amitav Ghosh for the first time, they will find too much of ecological perspectives and a cry to save the environment and also an interesting story that is created by the author. The story will mostly revolve around Kolkata and its present and past and possible future because it is the ‘karma bhumi’ of the author…

The Guide: The Guide is an evergreen novel written by author R K Narayan, one of the leading Indian novelists writing in English. I guess this novel has featured on almost every list that I have created to the present day. It has a very subtle thing about it. The Guide begins as a slow romance and it translates into an existential, philosophical narrative gradually, in the course of the novel’s progress. The story of railway station guide, who is rather a conceitful thug who does his job in a very sophisticated way, and a suppressed dancer who struggles to carry on her art after being married to a researcher who looks to find ancient remains of Indian culture. The novel has been liked by many and many more will like it as they read it. You should not miss this novel in any way!

You Should Have Left: Are you, by any chance, a fan of horror novels? If your answer is yes, you might find this choice very interesting, subtle and a way better read compared to any other horror or scary novels you may have read so far. Written originally in German by Daniel Kehlmann and translated into English by Ross Benjamin, the novel is a work of fiction based on a weird science fiction logic that will keep you tied to the pages until you finish it by reading the last page and all the while, make sure you read it page-by-page, you will keep trying to figure out the secret that the author has hidden to be unfolded in a very subtle manner. So, when is your date with the hidden souls?

The Rozabel Line: A novel written by Ashwin Sanghi with a pseudonym, published in 2007, will keep you intrigued and glued to the pages. You will find an interesting opening of the novel waiting for you as you begin reading it. It tells the tale of Jesus after his supposed rescue from the crucifixion that we know about. The tale assumes that Jesus came to India looking for a space to locate and further. Sounds interesting? Then you should settle for a thriller read with an interesting angle and make your August even better…


You can get all these novels and many more from Amazon India. Without going out and getting scared that some virus might have all the fun, you can sit home, relax and read these novels to spend your time in an interesting way. You can also read interesting reviews of books and especially Indian book reviews on this website. So, without wasting more time, get the books now:

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Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – The Book Blog Review

Shawn Vij’s debut title Moral Fiber has done more than one could have expected from the first work by any new author to do. This might be because Shawn Vij is an established brand in the business industry. However, is that enough for a book to become a bestseller or do exceptionally good? Perhaps not! We have to accept, reluctantly or willingly, that the content of the book matters more than anything else in terms of book’s success and Moral Fiber has wonderfully been written with a theme which authors do not touch very frequently. Shawn has written about business ethics, one’s personality and one’s resolve not to compromise one’s soul for the business gains. Not many authors might have done this kind of writing…

Moral Fiber is inspired by the author’s own interests and beliefs in the Buddhist way of life, The Dalai Lama and explorations in the ancient Buddhist scriptures. Though it is certainly not right for anyone to claim that everyone should do what one has done and found okay, Shawn has not been forceful but certainly, he has (seemingly and apparently) emphasised more and more on Buddhist interpretations that he has discovered for himself and this gives the book a repetitive tone at times which could have been avoided. Otherwise, the book is based on his personal experiences as a successful business person who has been in this field for more than two decades. As long as Shawn details his personal experiences and tries to link his arguments with practical experiences, the book looks wonderfully well-placed.

Shawn begins with his own story of transformation with a meeting, which was more accidental or unintended or reluctant, with The Dalai Lama, a global thought leader in Buddhist philosophy. The meeting forced Shawn into considerable pondering over his life and achievements as a successful business leader so far. He mentions all these details in a comprehensive manner in this book that you may like reading. However, what’s important is Shawn’s candid submission and suggestion that one should save one’s soul along with the progress that comes in corporate life. He emphasises that in general business we often lose our personal self to gain something like the other who is into business – nothing is personal; it’s all business. Shawn emphasises that all is personal and we must not compromise on that. We should remain human beings that we natively are. So, as you may have guessed already, the book is about ethics that we must follow, according to the author, in our professional life.

Everything looks wonderfully conveyed unless we get distracted by the frequent Buddhist influence on the script of this title. Buddha’s original messages were subtle, simple and directly conveyed without much noise. That would have been a better way doing it here as well as we find the same messages, in a rather wider and more comprehensive and more subtle manner in ancient Hindu texts, considered to be the original sources of inspiration for Buddha as well. So, bringing religious connotations more than frequently might confuse the readers who are not so well-versed.

With a clear message and with some notes of over-enthusiasm, the book is a balanced production of thoughts and agenda that readers might find useful to a great extent. You can get a copy of the book and read it for yourself. All the best!

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5 Classics kids should read or their parents should recite to them

Reading classics is not a prerogative limited to people with intellectual growth only. Classic literature is a treasure that should be open for all and it is, indeed. However, when it comes to picking up classic books for kids, there is a lot of confusion that we create around ourselves unnecessarily. Why do we do so? Why cannot we pick up the best classic books that our kids should read or the parents can read it to them during their bedtime? Is it that difficult? Certainly not! We create difficulties for ourselves because we don’t understand how books function. Yes, like everything has its specific qualities and a way of functioning, the books have it as well. Today, I will tell the readers of The Book Blog about the 5 best classics that their kids should read. Please be sure while there is no upper or lower age limit to read classics, there is certainly an ideal age when a person should indulge in reading classics by himself or herself. If you want to understand more on when you should let your children enjoy the classics the way they want, you can read this article by Indian Book Critics: What age to read classic books?

In this article, we are writing about 5 best classic children literature books that every kid should read. So, the reading level is really children-friendly and they will love reading these books. They will also learn many things by reading these books. Here goes our list:

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: Well, when it comes to children’s classics, many readers would certainly point out in this direction without thinking too much. This is natural because this book is not only rich in fantasy but also an ideal piece of literature in terms of acquainting the kids with values in life. There are animals who form a big chunk of the mainstream characters in the novel and that becomes even better for the kids to enjoy their time with the book. Are you ready for the adventure? Do give your children this wonderful book.
  2. Malgudi Days by R. K. Narayan: With so many talks about Swadesh and Swadeshi is going on around us, I thought nothing better than recommending this book to children with a literary appetite. Malgudi Days is a collection of short stories written by one of the most reputed novelists in India, R. K. Narayan. This work contains many short stories that contain, in turn, many lessons for life our kids can learn by reading this book. This is not only a classic but also a cult which became very famous when a TV serial was made on this book and telecasted on Doordarshan. Make sure you add this book to the list of books for kids.
  3. The Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond: The Cherry Tree is a wonderful short fiction piece written by one of the most celebrated Indian authors, Ruskin Bond. The book also contains illustrations that the kids will like a lot. This book will not only entertain the kids but also imbibe the values and ideas in them which will help them with many things in their life ahead. A must-read book that should be read by the kids… written in a simple language, the book can be understood by anyone having an understanding of the English language.
  4. Amar Chitra Katha Books: How can you forget this publisher? They have been serving the cause of children in India in educating them about the great history that we had. You can offer your children the best experience in learning about Ramayan, Mahabharat and also our heroes from the past. Grab your copies and give your kids the best experience of reading classics.
  5. Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare: Though this is one level ahead. Why don’t give your kids (the future readers) a taste of Shakespeare right from the beginning? Lambs Tales from Shakespeare are the short and simplified version of plays by Shakespeare’s greatest writings for the stage. Be it Macbeth’s ambition or Hamlet’s dilemma or the romantic comedy in As You Like It, your kids will love these stories. Why are you waiting? Your kids will love this experience.

So, guys, these were the 5 books that I have picked for the kids. They have the right to read the best literature right from the beginning. Give them a taste of classics and they will thank you later in their lives when they understand what did you do for their intellectual and emotional development very early in their days. All the best!


by a contributor for The Book Blog