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With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan – review

How good a debut novel can be? The speculations often end within the perimeter of English literature because seldom we have the time to think about literature in other regional languages because we don’t even think about the works of Hindi literature. The prejudiced English elites would certainly not love the challenge that the Hindi authors and the widening reading audience of the Hindi language works are putting to them. And one of those is certainly going to be Prabhat

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An Apology for Shakespeare

An Apology for Shakespeare is a collection of poems written by S A Joseph, a popular poet from Kerala and also an acclaimed and experienced academician. S A Joseph has been writing poems for long (off the writing field, unofficially) and he finally decided to come up with his maiden poetry anthology but to make it even serious and ascribe a certain purpose to it, the poet made it ‘a defence of poetry’ in verse and rhyme. The poems in

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That Pair of Eyes… a day to remember!

How far can we go keeping a promise and how far can we go while making them? No one knows the limits when it comes to making promises but the limitations are always there when we talk about keeping the promises we might have made. Still, there are the people who try their best to go to any possible or impossible extent keeping the value of their words…    It was the day which I will keep in my heart…

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Sita: Warrior of Mithila

Amish, the author of widely successful Meluha trilogy, has not followed the typical feminist pattern while writing this work (Sita: The Warrior of Mithila). But he has been a feminist in a way that he rescued the women in the story of the pettiness of womanly jealousy. He has made an effort to empower the villainous character also giving them a considerable motive. His female characters, be it any, are driven by a motive and they pursue the same on

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The Spectacular Now

Tim Tharp is an experienced screen writer and a novelist, popular for ‘one-name-fame’ The Spectacular Now’. The novel was published in 2008 and also saw a film based upon it which fetched a little more attention than the book itself. The novel The Spectacular Now is focused on the youths, addiction and their silly romance. Very popular and a general read among the teenagers with literary taste, the book surely demands an attention and our review. For The Book Blog,

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Happy Independence Day

We all know INDEPENDENCE DAY is approaching. And why won’t we, suddenly all the shops are filled with different avatars of our respectable National Flag! Everywhere we can see.. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.. messages, videos, short films filled with patriotism which suddenly creep up like a weed from nowhere to everywhere asking us to share with the maximum. On Red lights, when we disheartened push on the brakes of our vehicles beating our heads and abusing the government for making us

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